Moshi Tanzania

How traveling the world has opened my eyes

“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends”. –  Maya Angelou

By far, the most profound impact travel has made on my life is it has opened my eyes to humanity. In today’s world of fierce hatred of differences, there is nothing more important than accepting and understanding our fellow human beings. Without aiming to get too political, I believe strongly that in order to become a better world we must embrace and accept our differences. Hatred only acts to destroy the very world we are trying to create.

The world is not only made up of white Catholic privilege. The world is an amazingly diverse and beautiful place filled with people of all different colors, ethnicities, religions, beliefs and backgrounds. Travel has taught me that we must be open to accepting others and realizing that we are all truly one: Humankind.

I am fearful of the world we have become. I don’t know how to explain it to my children who are questioning the hatred they are seeing and hearing about in the news. The only hope I have as a parent is that they too can see the world and realize that it is a beautiful place filled with people who despite their differences, all want the same things out of life: Love, happiness, health and prosperity for their families. We really aren’t as different as we may seem.

Mosebo Village

In Ethiopia at Mosebo Village. June 2014

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. – . Saint Augustine