A walk through a market in Savoie

We arrived on our very last day in Savoie to see the town of Pralognan la Vanoise come to life with a glorious outdoor market. Every kind of fromage and saucisson you can imagine was available to sample and buy. If only I wasn’t flying back to the United States the next day, I would have gone hog wild! I am a cheese-aholic and can’t seem to get enough of the fatty, savory food.

Take a walk with me through the lovely market in Pralognan. If only pictures could be transported directly “chez moi” then I’d be in cheese heaven!

Au revoir La France! Until we meet again (which I’ll let you in on a little secret. It won’t be long! A trip is already planned for my mom, sister and I to meet up for a never-before mother-daughters trip to La Belle France this Spring!).

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A visit to Alpage de Ritord: A traditional cheese maker in the Alps

One of the oldest traditions in the region of Savoie is making cheese. Three alpine cheeses are made in this region of the French Alps: Abondance, Beaufort, and Comte. These cheeses evolved over time due to the unique, isolated community of alpine herders who collectively used their dairy supplies during the summer months to make large cheeses that were easy to transport down the valley into the markets.