“Say the Word-I’ll Be There”: A song to benefit War Child

Andras Fixler 'Say The Word - I'll Be There' cover artwork

Every so often a famous singer is moved by the problems they see around the world and use their talent and celebrity status to try to make the world a better place. On my blog, I’ve introduced you to the latest songs for charity by such famous singers as Beyoncé (“I was here” sung for the UN World Humanitarian Day) and the “Every Beat Matters” campaign with rocker group OneRepublic and Save the Children. Now I’d like to introduce you to another song for social good, “Say the Word – I’ll Be There” recorded by Andras Fixler, a pop entertainer from Budapest.

Andras Fixler promo photo

Following is a press release with the details about the song and the cause close to Andras Fixler’s heart.

“Hungarian Singer Andras Fixler Unites With War Child, To Donate All Profits From Selling A Song “Say The Word – I’ll Be There” To The Charity”

(Budapest, Hungary) War, conflict and natural disaster have far-reaching consequences across the Earth, with people of all backgrounds suffering even in scientific times as these. Across the world, violent events, both human-made and natural, have their greatest and most catastrophic effects upon the most vulnerable among us: children.

This fact has never been more depressing, more gruelling to Hungarian singer Andras Fixler, a man with a passion for music. After years of witnessing shocking images of children impacted by war and natural disasters, from child soldiers in the Congo to starving children still living with the consequences of the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami, Andras knew he had to do something. His philosophy combines the beautiful idealism that even one human being can make a difference through philanthropy and empathy.

With his cause came his inspiration. With his inspiration, Andras could see the world in a new light. Ever since its 1991 release, Kylie Minogue’s Say the Word – I’ll Be There had left an impression on Andras as a great song, but he found the lyrics particularly relevant to the plight of disadvantaged children across the world.

And to do his part in supporting unfortunate children across the world, Andras Fixler teams up with War Child North America to release his own charity single, offering it for sale for $4.99. It may seem like it’s not too much, but just $2.50 can provide a street child with transport to visit their family in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, $5 can buy a school uniform for the dry season in Uganda, $15 can purchase one toiletry and hygiene kit for one girl in prison in Afghanistan. By purchasing this single, you help Andras making a real difference in the lives of these children.

“I had to discover after listening to it from time to time that it is not exactly about love. Or at least it can be interpreted to be about CARE. I like the meaning of the lyrics that there are always so many bad things happening all around the World and we ought to do something to help. I discovered that this song can be understood as care for children, protecting them, doing everything to save them. They are the future and it is very important to recognize that. And all should join us in helping and saving them!

“War Child is a charity that dares to dream, and to create, a world that is better for children whose lives are affected by decisions that are not their own.”

That’s what inspires Andras every day: daring to make a difference, one song at a time.

You can download Andras Fixler’s version of Say the Word – I’ll Be There via http://act.andrasfixler.com/saytheword . All profits he generates will go to War Child North America.

War Child is an international charity that protects children from the brutal effects of war and its consequences. To learn more about War Child, click here

To download a sample of the song, click here.

Andras Fixler is a Hungarian singer who performs Hi-NRG / retro hits from 80s and 90s. To visit his website click here. You can also check his project out on Facebook