An inspirational clothing line

Have you ever thought about the clothes you wear and what kind of statement you are making? Did you know that there are some clothing companies out there in the world that are trying to make a positive difference in people’s lives and change the way people think. Barnabas Clothing is one such company.


Sample of Barnabas casual sportswear. Photo credit: Barnabas Clothing Company.

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The End of AIDS? We can’t stop funding now.

It was no coincidence that the RESULTS International Conference to end global poverty was held at the same time as the AIDS 2012 Conference. It was a huge event and opportunity for over 400 RESULTS Activists to learn about the latest breakthroughs in HIV/AIDS treatments and the impact this devastating disease has had on the world, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa where it is rampant, having 22.9 million of the 34 million adults and children living with HIV/AIDS.

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