I love giving gifts and even better, giving gifts that also give back to someone in need. I have curated an ever-growing list of Gifts that Give Back over the years and am excited to share some of the latest gifts that give back for this Mother’s Day. Each organization below works to create a beautiful, meaningful gift that also gives back to the women who make the products or helps to support a cause.

Here are some of my favorite picks for the mom in your life. I hope you enjoy the list, and please share this giving guide with friends and family. (Note: To read product description, however over the image or else click on the image to enlarge to full size). 

Happy Shopping!

All Across Africa

All Across Africa currently works with over 3,000 artisans in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi, paying artisans up front for the goods at many times what they could sell them for in a local market. This sustainable income allows them to send their children to school, feed their families and even create savings accounts. In addition, money goes back into the communities in the form of education and training programs. All Across Africa believes that job creation is the solution for the rural poor in these countries.

This Mother’s Day, how about giving the mom in your life a Rwandan handcrafted basket or vase. Each product tells a story of the Rwandan women who have intricately handcrafted these baskets from sweet grass and the leaves of the agave sisal plant. The intricate designs and flawless work of an experienced weaver is never the result of luck. Rather, Rwandan women owe their skills to the women before them who passed on the knowledge from generation to generation—mother to daughter, grandmother to child. Each piece is unique, culturally and traditionally inspired, and hand-woven in intimate Rwandan communities. With differing patterns and colors, one or more of these baskets will make a globally conscious and stylistic addition to your home. They can be hung from the wall or used as decor or to hold fresh fruit or a bottle of wine or even flowers.

Prices vary. To purchase one of these items or see more, visit www.kazigoods.com

Anchal Project

Designing Change Stitch by Stitch” Anchal creates absolutely stunning scarves, pillows and quilts each handmade out of recycled saris or other traditional techniques by Indian women rescued from prostitution. These products are absolutely stunning and once again tells a story from India.  Here are some of my favorite Anchal Project’s newest creations for the Spring.

To purchase one of these items or to see more, visit  www.anchalproject.org

Bird + Stone

Bird + Stone is a made-in-New York jewelry brand that raises awareness and funds for gender equality. From women’s health to girls’ education and funding female entrepreneurs, their mission is use gift-giving as a way to invest in women and build a more equal world.

This Mother’s Day, for every activist taking a stand and fighting injustice Bird + Stone is offering the new Empowerment bracelets. Wear this as a daily reminder to speak up, speak out, and make a difference by wearing the Break the Silence bracelet or the Empowerment Pack –> Break the Silence + Future is Female. 10% from this set will go to End Rape on Campus, an organization working towards a world free from sexual violence. They provide direct support to student survivors, train and develop resources on preventing sexual assault and supporting survivors, and advocate for fair and equitable sexual assault and interpersonal violence policies.

Bird + StonePrice for 2 “Break the Silence”: $68. Price for the Empowerment Pack: $50 (not pictured).

To order visit www.birdandstone.com

Bloom & Give

Bloom & Give sells beautifully handcrafted scarves, clothing, bags and accessories made in India using techniques passed on from generation to generation. Each product is designed in the US by one of Bloom & Give’s designers, and made in India with love. Bloom & Give donates 50% of their profits to support girls education programs in India through their partner Educate Girls to improve the lives of girls in Rajasthan.

 Special Discount Code: Enter “THIRDEYEMOM” to receive 20% off your purchase.

To order any of these products or to see their shop visit  www.bloomandgive.com

Gifts for Good

Gifts for Good curates premium corporate gifts that give back. Each product supports one of 40 nonprofit and social enterprise partners tackling the world’s most pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges. They are generating impact in over 19 states and 65 countries around the globe. You can purchase products that help support the following causes: Children in need, women at risk, environment, economic development, homelessness, health and wildlife conservation.  Here are my top three picks for the mom in your life:

To order one of these items or shop for others visit www.giftsforgood.com

Heifer International

Heifer is a non-profit aiming to end hunger and poverty by providing livestock and agricultural training to communities in need all over the world – and proceeds from each of these gifts support hardworking families around the world and give back to the organization,furthering its mission to enable Heifer farmers and their families struggling with hunger and poverty to achieve lives of true self-determination and dignity.

Available for purchase on Heifer’s Marketplace, the Heifer Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings look great paired with any outfit, while the Heifer Travel Bamboo Utensil Set will be useful to moms camping, traveling, or just running around town. The Heifer Mr. Ellie Pooh Notebook is also sure to be a unique gift as it’s made from 100% recycled fiber from elephant dung and recycled paper!

For a truly special Mother’s Day gift, the Heifer Gift Catalog offers the opportunity to donate an animal, send a young girl to school, or aid sustainable farming with a donation as small as $10. The impact of these life-changing gifts will be felt by families and children around the world.

 To order these items or shop for more visit www.heifer.org

Purpose Jewelry

PURPOSE provides freedom from slavery for young women around the world. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by artisans escaping human trafficking. Every purchase changes a life! PURPOSE is the brand under International Sanctuary, which is a nonprofit whose mission is to empower people escaping trafficking to embrace their true identity and worth.

For Mother’s Day, check out the lovely Jasmine Blush necklace (Price $24) or Honor Earring and Necklace from their new Spring Collection. 100% of proceeds go to International Sanctuary .  

To order these items or view the shop visit www.purposejewelry.org 

SOS Children’s Villages partnership with ALEX AND ANI

SOS Children’s Villages is the world’s largest organization providing loving, stable homes for orphaned and abandoned children. Their mission is to build families for children in need, while helping them to shape their own futures. SOS Children’s Villages’ vision for the world’s children is that every child should belong to a family and grow with love, respect and security. They are raising over 84,000 children in 571 Villages worldwide, with a presence in 135 countries and territories, including the U.S. In 2017 they added Iraq. This year SOS Children’s Villages has partnered with ALEX AND ANI to create a beautiful  sand castle bangle.

ALEX AND ANI will donate 20% of the purchase price with a minimum donation of $25,000 between January 2018 and December 2018, to SOS Children’s Villages whose mission is to build families for children in need, helping to shape their futures and share in the development of their communities.


To purchase the Sand Castle Charm Bangle, click here.  

Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms is a social enterprise of women survivors of prostitution and drug addiction that would provide an opportunity for a sustainable income and life for the women. Based in Tennessee, Thistle Farms houses a natural bath and body care company, Thistle Stop Café, a paper and seeing studio and a global marketplace called Shared Trade. Today, Thistle Farms employees more than 50 survivors and benefits over 700 women a year.  Proceeds support Thistle Farms and the residential program, Magdalene. The community provides housing, food, healthcare, therapy and education for two years, without charging residents or receiving taxpayer money.

To order any of these items or to view all products visit www.thistlefarms.org


TO THE MARKET showcases handmade goods made exclusively by proud and passionate artisans who have overcome the perils of abuse, conflict, and disease. By assisting local partners around the world in bringing these goods “to the market“, TO THE MARKET take an active role in equipping the survivor’s they employ with economic opportunities. Check out these fantastic new products for this Mother’s Day.

To order any of these products or to view more ideas, visit www.tothemarket.com


Wakami is an international jewelry brand that makes a difference in the lives of women.  Their jewelry is handmade by Guatemalan women who are chasing their own dreams.  Paid a sustainable wage for the pieces they make, these women set up and run their own businesses selling jewelry to Wakami. They create a new story for themselves, a story of sustained prosperity. This Mother’s Day, check out one of their line of colorful, beautiful bracelets. You can purchase the bracelet individually or together as a set.


The Earth Kitt – Includes seven different bracelet that can be worn separately or as a group. Bracelet prices range from $19-50 depending. See website for details.

To see all of the beautiful bracelets and bundles offered by Wakami, visit www.wakamiglobal.com/shop

Please note that I have included a brief description of each product as a caption to the photo. To get more detailed product information, please visit the website. There are tons of other lovely items to order as well so be sure to look around and see all the amazing gifts that give back. If you are still looking for more ideas, be sure to check out my Gifts that Give Back page on my blog that has even more organizations. 


    1. Thank you! You know I absolutely love your products and continue to get compliments all the time when I am wearing them.

  1. In a world where we have so much ‘stuff’ buying thoughtfully and with purpose becomes so important. I always enjoy looking at your lists of products that give back to others.

    1. Yes Sue so true and what I love is that these products give back and create sustainable change. So important

  2. So many gorgeous gifts here Nicole (love those leather totes) and such a wonderful idea for a post. Gifts with meaning and purpose that give back, just love it. Wonderful post.

    1. Thank you Miriam! I love these products so much and often buy from these organizations for my gifting as well.

  3. I was also searching for gifts to give my Mom, and I stumbled upon an online store that sells handmade products crafted by artisans.The site is localbazaar.co. I realized buying my gift from that store won’t just be giving to my Mom but also supporting the artists who crafted my gift.

    1. This site is so cool! I’d love to add them to my list of Gifts that Give Back. Do you know/have a contact name? Please advise. Thanks

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