One of the best ways to ensure a fantastic trip is to do your homework before traveling especially when it comes to finding the perfect place to stay. Thanks to TripAdvisor (and my dad is does all the research on it), we found the intimate CasaSur Charming Hotel – a boutique hotel with only six rooms in the lovely tranquil Barrio Italia. It was truly a treasure of a find!

The CasaSur has only been open for a little over two years but in that short amount of time, it is already ranked #1 on TripAdvisor of all 200+ hotels in Santiago. An impressive feat for this tiny little hotel. As soon as we arrived and met our hosts, the owner Eduardo and his delightful, charming staff, we realized what a special place it was.  Eduardo was awaiting and welcomed us by name. His charismatic personality made us instantly feel at home and that is how he intends his hotel to be: Something a little bit different and unique.

After traveling the globe as a Civil Engineer, Eduardo decided to change his career path and open up his own boutique hotel running it the way he thought travelers would like best. A place that surrounds and welcomes guests with harmony, serenity and peace. A home away from home with inspirational quotes written by hand on the chalkboard each day and where each guest is treated as a part of the family.

After a bit of searching, Eduardo found the perfect place for his hotel: The lovely, tree-lined neighborhood of Barrio Italia located only a short walk from the trendy, more rowdy Barrio Bellavista. In 2013, he purchased the old run-down house on Eduardo Hyatt street and put his skills as an engineer to use fixing it up. In 2015, the doors to CasaSur Charming Hotel opened for the first time and his gorgeously-appointed, intimate hotel has been open ever since.

CasaSur Charming Hotel, Santiago

The immaculate white CasaSur Charming Hotel with sits at the end of a quiet street outside and is walking distance to several amazing restaurants and shops.

Eduardo, the owner of CasaSur Charming Hotel doing what he loves best…talking to his guests

Eduardo put his engineering skills to work to create a lovely hotel with beautifully -appointed rooms, a stunning open air terrace and a delightful reception area. A freshly-made breakfast is served every morning on the outdoor terrace or inside if it is cool out. There is even a self-serve bar where you can purchase a bottle of Chilean wine or a beer without having to leave the comforts of the hotel.

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Every morning the quotes are changed on the chalkboard and the new guests are added to the list. It is a very welcoming place!

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The location of CasaSur couldn’t be more perfect. Located in the Barrio Italia (formally known as the Barrio Santa Isabel), this historic neighborhood has been up and coming for the past decade with dozens of fabulous restaurants to choose from, gorgeous boutiques and lots of interesting shops such as antiques and even furniture restoration. What I loved best is that I didn’t feel at all like a tourist in Barrio Italia. We walked, talked and ate with the locals. It was the perfect way to experience local culture and practice sustainable travel. After staying at locally-owned and run boutique hotels, I’d have a very difficult time ever staying at a big American hotel chain again. You miss half the experience of truly traveling and engaging with the country you are visiting.

Barrio Italia, Santiago

The tree-lined streets of Barrio Italia are loaded with open-air restaurants, boutiques and bars.

Barrio Italia, Santiago, Chile

View of the Andes from a rooftop restaurant and bar in Barrio Italia.

Barrio Italia, Santiago, Chile

And the jacaranda’s were all in full bloom and gorgeous!

Barrio Italia, Santiago, ChileBarrio Italia, Santiago, ChileWe had an endless amount of delicious restaurants to choose from for dinner. Every meal was fantastic and there is food from all around the world just within a few tiny blocks. Best of all, we ate dinner with all the locals and even at local time (normally 10 pm). It took some getting used to the late dining hour yet once we did, we loved it.

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Towards the end of the stay Eduardo and his staff felt like family. My only regret is that I didn’t have more time at the CasaSur. I would have loved to have learned more about Eduardo’s fascinating family history. Both his grandparents had escaped WWII and the Nazis, fleeing Berlin and Hungary before the mass extermination of the Jewish population. They met in Chile and were so afraid of being persecuted that they baptized their children and raised them Christian. I had no idea until that moment that Chile even had a Jewish population. These are the tiny pieces of cultural knowledge that I’d never have learned without staying at a small, locally-run boutique hotel, and these are the stories I will always remember from my trip.

If you go:

CasaSur Charming Hotel is very small and fills up fast. Book well in advance! Eduardo and his staff can also provide you will tons of fantastic day-trips and excursions. You will love it there!


  1. I love the CasaSur sign that declares it a “charming hotel,” and your stories that prove the description true. Isn’t it wonderful to see that in this age of automation and big corporations the small human touches can still land a hotel like Eduardo’s at the very top of the list? If ever I find myself in Chile (a real possibility, given my terrible sense of direction) I will make a beeline for this place. Thank you for this delightful post!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes the name of the hotel is perfect for the place! I love staying at small hotels like this! So much better!!!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes Chile! Sorry I should have put that in there as yes there are lots of Santiago’s! 😌

  2. Casa Sur sounds and looks so charming! I looked into booking for our trip but unfortunately they are already booked. I will continue to monitor for cancellations. I will also look into visiting those restaurants you mentioned. They both sound wonderful. Thanks for the tips Nicole!

    1. Oh darn LuAnn! Perhaps you can email them to get on a waiting list. You can tell them I referred you. I am sure things change a lot at the hotel. It is very small but it is so lovely. I would go back there in a heartbeat. Such a special place. You could also stay in Bellavista or somewhere nearby. You wouldn’t be too far from Barrio Italia. There are so many restaurants it is endless. I’m getting excited just thinking of your trip! 🙂 You both will have such a lovely time!

  3. Glad to read to read this! And people, indeed, Barrio Italia is probably the most interesting and charming neighborhood of Santiago( I’ve been already 3x in Santiago). Nice article!

    1. Thanks! This was my first time to Santiago in 15 years. I am so happy with our choice of hotel and LOVED the neighborhood. I love being away from the tourist scene and our hotel was such a treasure. I wish more hotels had this feel. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. What a charming place, crafted with love, Nicole. I seldom use Trip Advisor but there’s no denying this is a great find. You don’t have to travel far back into our histories to discover sadness, do you? Hoping for a wonderful Christmas for you and your family, and wishing you many more good times in the New Year. 🙂 🙂

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