1. Pretty eye-opening. I do fault the cruise line for taking advantage of a naturally beautiful place and not giving back to the community in which it lies. Poor Haiti – in the path of so much destruction (yet again right now) and even when it’s not being pummeled by weather, it can’t seem to climb out of economic despair.

    • Thanks Debbie for reading them. It is such a contradictory place. I think a lot of people have no idea that it is so beautiful yet there is also so much incredible poverty. It is astounding. I am so fortunate I have been able to explore this place.

    • Yes it is, isn’t it Tina. I hope someday Haiti can gets its infrastructure better as I do see a lot of opportunity to provide jobs and income with tourism. Yet the country keeps getting struck by natural disasters and a lot of corruption. It is a tough place to visit right now save the very adventurous tourists.

  2. This is awesome. The perceptions of an intelligent traveller like you is able to capture what many medias usually ignore. The details holy as they can be as they show the true beauty of the Caribbean. I enjoy travelling too. Have you ever done travel safaris here in Kenya?

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  5. The resort of Comier Plage is 5 minutes before you get to Labadee and staffed by all Haitians. We try to end our medical mission trips with a one night stay there before heading home. The road improvements last year were a huge deal and shortened the ride to the airport by half. Both Comier Plage and Labadee were brushed by Hurricane Irma, but no major damage other than some uprooted trees and minor damage to roofs. Helping Haitians to help themselves is a difficult, winding road that takes more patience than most corporations possess.

    • I would lobe to check this out if I go back Leslee. I found this part of Haiti to be so beautiful yet Cap-Haitien was so run down which is a pity as I can see how the town could be lovely with those views of the ocean and all the greenery surrounding it. Yes it is very true what you say. A very difficult long and winding road.

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