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  2. There, the jungle is waiting to take over, it grows fast and has to be continually cut back. How do your hosts manage and protect their livestock and pets from predators, including extremely venomous snakes (also, including constructors.) Beautiful country. Thanks for sharing with pictures and words.

    • Good question! I know they have jaguars but from what I’ve heard they stay deep inside the jungle. The snakes can be a problem as I’ve seen dogs and cows with snake wounds. Honestly I guess it is just a part of life there. I was quite nervous hiking in the jungle after we saw a few vipers hidden in the trees at a park and pointed out by a naturalist. They are there so you have to be careful! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Ah, the beauty of Arenal! That’s so great that everyone had such a great relaxing time, full of beautiful views and experiences in a fairy-tale setting! The Angel’s Trumpet/Brugmansia is one of my favorites as well, though I am always a bit cautious when I take flowers inside and paint them in the night. So far,no drugged reactions!

    Your children will treasure the memories of that trip – forever!

      • I suspect they will love having you there too. Once I joined other tourists and rode horses from Monteverde down to the lake and then we were transferred to La Fortuna by van.. One day I’ll tell you the long version in person!

      • That sounds fantastic Lisa! I bet that was quite a trip! Also I am certain you have so many amazing stories to tell. I would love to hear them all someday in person! 🙂 I will get to Ecuador!

  4. Heide

    I wouldn’t need any Reina de la Noche flowers to find this place magical. What a wonderful adventure you and your family are having! Thank you for letting us (virtually) tag along.

      • Heide

        I’m glad I’m not the only one with a two-month delay in writing about my travels. 😉 And although I can empathize with you “wish I was still there” sentiment, isn’t it cool to live in an age when we can revisit our travels anytime we want through our photos and videos?

      • I love writing about my travels after the fact as it lets me relive them in a way. It is lots of fun. 🙂 And yes I am so grateful for digital cameras and video! So many of my travels and I’m sure yours too are just remembered inside my head. 🙂

  5. Such an amazing family adventure Nicole. I have loved seeing the photos here and some on Facebook and Instagram too. Hopefully the beginning of many more family adventures!

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  8. My favorite thing about this post is you daughter and her new friends, who do not share a common language, loving each other’s company. If only the world would learn from children! Beautiful captures in a beautiful spot Nicole.

    • This sounds awesome! Are you doing this challenge then? I’m not sure I can participate now as I’m a bit behind in my writing but would love to read your blog if you do this challenge. Let me know. Great ideas and topics for posts! Thanks for thinking of me! 🙂

  9. Di

    What a wonderful opportunity for your children Nicole. The photos are spectacular. It really sounds like an adventure in the best sense of the word. 🙂🙂

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