1. I would never have envisioned such a place in a location as poverty stricken as Haiti. I guess there are other places where the same is true.

    • It really was a lovely trip Alison. I learned so much. The people are amazing and gracious and the arts are divine. I enjoyed learning about the culture and seeing the beauty even if it went along with the difficult poverty as well. I truly believe that tourism has a lot of potential to help the country if done correctly.

    • The food in Haiti is actually really good. I always ordered Haitian food even when there was comforting spaghetti on the menu as I really wanted to try it out. I enjoyed the local flavors and also the fish is really delightful.

    • Yes it truly has some beautiful places. I think people have no idea that there are lovely restaurants and hotels in Haiti. My goal is to show people that there are and these places are quite special. Yes there is a lot of poverty and hardship in Haiti Jo however I believe that tourism if done sustainably and responsibly will really help the people and the economy. Haiti has a lot to offer for those adventurous, intrepid travelers. 🙂

  2. I am sure Port-au-Prince is a striking contrast between beauty and devastation. Like so many places in the developing countries. And travelling in such places is always mind opening. Nevertheless, you found some lovely gems, such as Hotel Montana. All gorgeous photos.

  3. Wow Nicole, very different post for you. Quite the travelogue. Loved the memorial – Haiti has had such a difficult time, it seems so unfair. Thanks for sharing some of the GOOD things there.

    • Thanks Tina! My goal is to show people that there are beautiful places in Haiti. It was my second time there and I was really amazed. Life is very hard there and I sincerely believe that tourism is a vehicle that can help provide sustainable income and jobs. The country really needs it. 🙂

  4. Great guide to anyone thinking of going there. What a place of contradiction. Such poverty mingled in with so much beauty. Your words do it all justice Nicole.

  5. Di

    What an informative inspired piece of writing dear Nicole.
    The images of the scenery and food are beautiful indeed. It was a blessing to spend time with Nat I’m sure, to travel with your intention of giving back to the locals.
    Thank you for this insight 💐🌟

    • Thanks for reading Di! Yes the food in Haiti was delightful. I always love eating food when traveling because so much of it is made from scratch. We have lost a lot of that in the US.

      • Di

        Yes, I’m sure here too, Nicole. The little country towns though, are becoming slow food and local produce destinations which is lovely to see 🙂

      • Yes isn’t it nice to see the new farm to table trend too? I am glad that some of the new kinds of places are coming back in. I am also glad we live in a city where we have amazing dining too. I love going out to eat but not fast food!

  6. Beautiful images Nicole. I’m in love with that terrace and the panoramic views. The income divide in Haiti seems almost as bad as in India.

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