1. You know, I’ve thought of doing some posts like this, but just don’t seem to get around to it. This is a nice diversion, and interesting concept for travel. I might look them up! Or get a job!

    • They have the tours in DC and I am going to do one next time I visit. The tours sound amazing! I love to learn and I’m sure the DC tour would teach me things I don’t know .

  2. Interesting concept. My parents used to travel with Elder Hostel which sounds like a similar idea and tgey too loved it. The problem I have with organised activities is the stickng to a schedule which I sm not very good at doing, especially when travellng.

    • Wonderful! I would love to hear back on how it went! If you remember can you let me know? I’m hoping to do one in DC or NYC next time I’m there. Cartagena sounds fabulous!

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  5. I love the idea of a more intimate tour, especially from a locals perspective! Next time I visit a new city I’ll have to look these guys up. Sounds like something special

  6. I love the idea of going on an in-depth tour of a single subject in a city to help gain new perspective and understanding of it. I’ve been on a few tours, one in Europe, which was great but very need-to-know basic. Then, in South Africa, we had locals who took us through some spots and it made a difference in hearing their stories and perspectives to add more context. I’ll have to try to check one out next time I travel to one of their cities.

  7. I absolutely love Context Travel. I have been in touch with Paul and would love to work with them some day. I have pitched so many of their tours to my Indian clients, but unfortunately do find them very steep as they do not see the value. I shall not quit though. I have recently pitched their Tokyo & Kyoto walks. Fingers crossed!

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