There is no blue without yellow and without orange. –Vincent Van Gogh

As the dog days of winter draw to a close and daylight savings comes this weekend, it is a reminder that soon our colorless white landscape will come to an end. There is nothing more I crave this time of year than color. Any color except brown, black or white which have been the main hues here for months.

When I saw that this week’s photo challenge involves color, I was thrilled. I’ve felt so incredibly deprived these last few months that it was fun to go through my photos and search for anything the color orange. While going through my photos, I realized that I have relatively few photos that feature exclusively orange and not many more that have orange as a predominant color. That surprised me given my blog currently has over 10,000 photos stored.

It made me realize I need to search for more orange next time I’m out exploring the world. For orange is a color that invigorates, enlivens and brightens up the day. Here is a gallery of some of my favorite orange hues. Hope you enjoy!

This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange. To view more entries, click here


  1. Oh, shoot! Now that I see your photos, I realize I forgot some great tile roof pictures I have! Oh well, I got tired of going through all my folders looking for orange so I found a few and called it a day. Good collection you’ve got here.

      1. Cool I just subscribed! Thanks for letting me know. I also have another photo blog called TheThirdeyeworld. I’m terrible about keeping it updated though.

  2. Orange was a treat for me too! Your photo collection for the theme are all interesting and showcases the beauty of this color. Love the market photos, and would not think of nuts to be in this category. The color theme all come together so nicely 🙂

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