Can photos talk? Sometimes a single picture can paint a thousand words if you stop and take a moment to look at it. This week’s Photo Challenge by Swiss-based architect and photographer Frédéric Biver of fakeormistake uses two photographs side by side to create a dialogue and tell a story between them that would not exist if the photo was presented alone. It is a fascinating concept that made me reflect deeply on the importance of each individual’s perception of a photo and its meaning.

A dialogue can be created by similarities in shapes, colors or forms. It can also be created by two photos taken from a different angle or perspective. In my case, I tend to snap away at whatever seems to attract my attention at a certain time and place, using the photos together or in a series of photos to create a story and dialogue of that one specific moment in time.

Here are some dialogues I’ve captured from my travels. See if you can find a story from within.


Location: Project Mercy’s Lie and Wait house for expectant mothers who walk at least two hours on foot to reach the nearest hospital. 


Ethiopian Woman


Ethiopian woman


Location: At a large urban slum in the heart of New Delhi.

Sacred Cow 

India slums

Girl in red dress

Indian girl


Location: At a Day Care Center for disadvantaged children in La Ceiba, Honduras where I volunteered in 2012.

Young girl

La Ceiba, Honduras

Hair braids

La Ceiba, Honduras


Location: Havana, Cuba a place awash in restoration and disrepair. 

Viva Fidel

Havana, Cuba Old Havana unrestored

Old Havana, Cuba


Location: Antigua, Guatemala.

Woman hoping

Antigua, Guatemala

For a savior



Location: Above Manang, Nepal lives a 94-year-old monk in a cave monastery. 


Manang, Nepal


Manang, Nepal

Can you find the stories and dialogue within these photos? 

This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue. To view more entries click here.


  1. Superb Nicole, you’ve let me speechless; you do know how much I like this post. You have not only selected the most appropriate pairs of photos, but such thoughtful ones. That pair from Cuba… my goodness!

  2. Absolutely amazing photos, Nicole. Each one has a special story to tell, and to think that you’ve been there and experienced each of these situations. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  3. i thought that the first image would be my favorite, as it is strong and classic and captures her noble spirit.. but then there was a surprise shot with you smiling back as the young girl crimps your tresses – i loved it and every photo.

    thank you! z

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