Can photos talk? Sometimes a single picture can paint a thousand words if you stop and take a moment to look at it. This week’s Photo Challenge by Swiss-based architect and photographer Frédéric Biver of fakeormistake uses two photographs side by side to create a dialogue and tell a story between them that would not exist if the photo was presented alone. It is a fascinating concept that made me reflect deeply on the importance of each individual’s perception of a photo and its meaning.

A dialogue can be created by similarities in shapes, colors or forms. It can also be created by two photos taken from a different angle or perspective. In my case, I tend to snap away at whatever seems to attract my attention at a certain time and place, using the photos together or in a series of photos to create a story and dialogue of that one specific moment in time.

Here are some dialogues I’ve captured from my travels. See if you can find a story from within.


Location: Project Mercy’s Lie and Wait house for expectant mothers who walk at least two hours on foot to reach the nearest hospital. 


Ethiopian Woman


Ethiopian woman


Location: At a large urban slum in the heart of New Delhi.

Sacred Cow 

India slums

Girl in red dress

Indian girl


Location: At a Day Care Center for disadvantaged children in La Ceiba, Honduras where I volunteered in 2012.

Young girl

La Ceiba, Honduras

Hair braids

La Ceiba, Honduras


Location: Havana, Cuba a place awash in restoration and disrepair. 

Viva Fidel

Havana, Cuba Old Havana unrestored

Old Havana, Cuba


Location: Antigua, Guatemala.

Woman hoping

Antigua, Guatemala

For a savior



Location: Above Manang, Nepal lives a 94-year-old monk in a cave monastery. 


Manang, Nepal


Manang, Nepal

Can you find the stories and dialogue within these photos? 

This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue. To view more entries click here.


  1. Superb Nicole, you’ve let me speechless; you do know how much I like this post. You have not only selected the most appropriate pairs of photos, but such thoughtful ones. That pair from Cuba… my goodness!

  2. i thought that the first image would be my favorite, as it is strong and classic and captures her noble spirit.. but then there was a surprise shot with you smiling back as the young girl crimps your tresses – i loved it and every photo.

    thank you! z

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