I’m back in Arizona again and spring is in full force. The desert has come alive with flowering trees, cacti and plants. Whenever the wind stirs the air is full of heavenly fragrance and it is magical. Birds are abundant as they make their way north.

I’ve taken a few shots of the desert in bloom, my favorite season to be in Arizona as everything comes to life.








  1. Beautiful blog! I love your mission, and I love that you’re featuring Arizona’s flora and fauna. Recently, I started exploring the travel blogging world and even started one myself about the Arizona-Mexico border region. I will mainly focus on the shared biodiversity and ecosystems on both sides of the border.

  2. Love Arizona! I’ve been there a few times, and every time have so loved the landscape, skies, flora and fauna. Was last there in May 2013 in Tucson, Phoenix, then up to Flagstaff and Grand Canyon to camp for a few days.

    1. My parents live there and have since 1994. I’ve been going back and forth to AZ for the last six months as my dad has fought cancer but best of all is that he is doing fabulous now. I’ve really gotten to know Arizona over the years and love her peace and beauty.

      1. I have only been once believe it or not! But we plan to bring the children on our next trip to AZ. It is indeed spectacular!

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