One of my favorite ways to explore a new place is by taking a road trip through the countryside. I’ve been to Virginia over a dozen times and am always amazed by its greenery. Rolling country roads zigzagging through lush green pastures and woodland seem to bring me back to an older, easier way of life. The deeper you get into rural Virginia, the more interesting the drive gets. Old farmhouses and Baptist churches from centuries ago dot the landscape. Pastures of horses and cows and a sprinkling of pig pens remind you that you are far from home. Vineyards and orchards grace the landscape tempting drivers to pull off the road and pick a bag of fresh peaches or taste some local wines. The country roads of Virginia seem to take you home to a different way of life. Simplier. Calmer. And carefree.

Blue Ridge Mountains

My sister and I decided to pack up the kids and take a road trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains, about a two hour drive west from her home near Williamsburg. The Blue Ridge Mountains are part of the massive Appalachian Mountain range that stretches all the way from Georgia to Pennsylvania, and earned their name from the trees that blanket the mountains making them appear a deep, velvety blue. From a distance, the Blue Ridge Mountains truly look blue and the contrast against the green foliage and pastures below make them absolutely spectacular.

As you drive from Williamsburg toward the Wintergreen Resort, a mountain play land located atop the Blue Ridge Mountains, you pass through Charlottesville and the drive gets gorgeous. Rolling hills paint the landscape green as you roll through one small town after another. If both my children weren’t terribly car sick, I would have pulled aside and taken pictures of the postcard perfect countryside. Instead, I admired the different views of the stunning blue mountains, the vineyards reaching to the sky and the little farmhouses painted white and lemon yellow within the valleys. And I prayed my children wouldn’t get sick.

We arrived around four o’clock and it was lovely. The air was fresh, the sun was shining and wildflowers lined the edge of the meandering mountain road. The next two days would be filled with fun, adventure, children fighting, and lack of sleep. I guess that is what you get with four kids aged 5-8. But it was worth the visit. Here are some photos from our short stay. I look forward to returning again someday and checking out the limitless amount of hiking trails and outdoor pursuits.

Butterfly on the Blue Ridge Mountains

the Blue Ridge Mountains

Butterfly on the Blue Ridge Mountains

Flower in the Blue Ridge Mountains

the Blue Ridge Mountains

Wildflowers in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Vineyard in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Vineyard in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Fog in the Blue Ridge Mountains



    1. Thanks Lucy! Just got home and slept wonderfully last night. Only two weeks until school starts now. It is going to be a major change as Sophia will be going all day. I have mixed feelings. I will miss her during the afternoons yet have more time to focus on my writing and the next steps (whatever they are!). Hope you are doing well! πŸ™‚

      1. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to feel great! I’m sure you’ll fill your afternoons in no time with writing and whatever else you decide to do. Good luck with everything, Nicole.
        All’s good thanks. Just found a place I like enough to rent. Finally! Still not sure Thailand is for me any more but giving it a bit more time. There’s still a chance I’ll go back to Guatemala or if not there, another Latino country. Time will make it clearer I hope.

      1. It’s always true! I have learned to always go to the names I recognize and who doesn’t like Thirdeyemom and her fabulous philanthropy!

        Also I identify with your name here. For years when my sons were very tiny and I heard or saw them doing something in the car behind my head I always said” I have a third eye in the back of my head that can see what your doing!!” They believed me for eyes when they were tiny! : ))

      2. That is cool! I never thought of it that way (i.e. my third eye as watching the kids). Yet another interpretation of my beloved third eye which helps me see the world in an open way!

  1. nature at its best and of course through your eyes ….so that I could sit here (India) on my desktop and take all in – thanks !

  2. Wow, what a collection of stunning photos, Nicole. Not sure which one I love most. The butterflies are cool but the daisies are, as well. Take care, my friend.
    Hugs from Ecuador,

    1. Thanks! I loved this bush as there were hundreds of butterflies fluttering around. There were also some black and blue ones but I didn’t get any of them on film. So pretty!

    1. Thanks! My sister and in-laws live in Virginia so it is always fun to explore new places. The US is so huge too that there is much I haven’t see either! I love the west coast and crave to do some hiking in Washington, Oregon and Alaska someday!

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