One of my absolute favorite places in Paris is the lovely, picturesque Montmartre. Once a place of artistic gathering of the brilliant minds of Van Gogh, Renoir, Picasso and Dali, today Montmartre is a major tourist attraction that still continues to captivate the soul with its unique beauty, charm and bohemian feel.

A walk up to Montmartre through its winding cobblestone streets with expansive views of Paris is the best way to explore this area. However, you can also head straight up via a set of steep stairs or a funnicular to the creamy white Sacré Cœur and Montmartre as well. Once on top, you have a spectacular view of Paris in all her glory.  You can take a walk inside the gorgeous Basilique du Sacré Cœur (constructed in 1919), and then walk around the Place du Tetre which has local artists and goods for sale. There are numerous restaurants, outdoor cafes and shops to keep you entertained as well as many little streets to get lost in.  You could spend hours exploring Montmartre and being seduced by her charm. Unfortunately for us, it was raining thus we had to eat inside and my photos didn’t turn out as well as expected.

Just when we reached the bottom of Montmartre, the skies began to clear up illuminating Montmartre in all her loveliness.

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Stay tuned…a few more posts on Paris and then we are heading south to Provence!


  1. Great pictures – as usual! I’m glad you included the graffiti – too often I avoid taking photos with graffiti in them in an effort to only capture the “best” of a place, but it’s so much more real to include the good, bad, and interesting!

  2. There’s graffiti and there’s graffiti. Usually, the graffiti that I’ve seen throughout Europe has been visually appealing. Montmartre is an energetic and inspiring area; I adore its art, artists and ambience.

  3. Great photos, Nicole. I think the rainy skies only enhanced the photos. I was a little taken aback by the graffiti…usually I just see it as a sign of the times, and at times artistic….but that second photo was an eyesore to me, but I’m glad you included the photo for us to see.

    1. Thanks Angeline! Yes the graffiti is not the prettiest. The first big colorful one was there two years ago as I took the same picture. Here in MN if we have graffiti it is always taken off. Interesting! 🙂

  4. In felt like I walked with you through your beautiful images. My family will stay 2 nights in Paris this Summer with my wife cousins. I hope it is enough to atleast see and exprience the magic of this place.

      1. Ha ha … sounds familar. My husband sometimes says enough already! But when we don’t need to worry about film anymore we… (or I) can get carried away 😉

  5. This part of your expedition seems like where films have been made & how people in those films have flew you might say across the roofs & buildings to go to other places in a matter of minutes. These pictures of all the places you saw & have shown on your blog are impressive & are great sights to see. I’m sure I will see this as my fiancée & I go through France & especially Paris, too. Thanks for sharing & showing me more of what you have done as you travel or have traveled which is something of great sights to which history books will never show at all. Will keep looking at the rest of your posts as I come to them. Come check out more of my posts as well!

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