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Not all of life is work and no play. Sometimes you have to reward yourself and celebrate the fruits of your labor. This is at least how I presented it to my loving husband as I booked myself two days at the Barefoot Cay in Roatan, Honduras.

I had just left the mainland after a week of volunteering and living like the locals. I had researched options on the internet and discovered the luxurious, secluded Barefoot Cay and knew I’d have to check it out. It was a bit more expensive than where I’d usually stay, however, it had a lot of fabulous amenities for a solo traveler.  When I read the front page of Barefoot Caye’s website, I was enticed and realized I had to give it a try.

Otro mundo aparte – A world apart.

The pace is unhurried…  The beaches white…  The water azure blue. 
Barefoot Cay Resort creates a feeling of calm and closeness with nature to a level few have experienced.

I arrived just as the sun was setting on Friday night and was instantly welcomed with an icy cold local beer at check in.  I couldn’t think of a better greeting than this after the bumpy rough ride on the ferry.


I had no idea what to expect of the place. Initially I was concerned it would be too touristy or too uppity but to my pleasant surprise, I had almost the entire place to myself and it was about as peaceful, beautiful and relaxing as I could have ever imagined. It was worth every single dime.

The resort is based on its own private island or “Cay” called the “Barefoot Cay” where lovely bungalows are scattered around the beach and a gorgeous outdoor dining area and pool await to spoil you. I chose to stay in a studio room located across the caye above the Dive Shop. It was cheaper than the Bungalows but in my opinion equally as nice.

As soon as I was shown my room, I was in paradise. It was absolutely gorgeous and I desperately wished my husband was there to share it with me. It would be the perfect place for a romantic retreat.

The room had a beautiful deck that overlooked the ocean and the caye, and there were cut hibiscious flowers everywhere. My favorite part of the room was the enormous wood shutter doors which you could leave open at night to get the ocean breeze. Talk about heaven!


The gorgeous bedroom with the large wood doors opened up to the sea…


I loved the personal touch of the flowers and beautifully folded towels. Talk about spoiling!


After not having a hot shower for a week (the mainland does not have it) I could hardly wait to dive in!


There were flowers everywhere inside and out of my room.


The view outside on my deck (Barefoot Caye is across the water on the right. You had to ride a little ferry over to reach it).


View of the sun setting over Barefoot Caye.


The dive boats. Amazing diving is only five minutes away!



Watching the sunset and dreaming about tomorrow…..


My view from dinner. The pool!


Dinner for one, local fish served with a lime vinaigrette! Mmmmmm…..

After a delightful meal for one, I was off to relax on my private patio over a glass of icy cold wine that I had purchased at the local grocery store. It was so incredibly beautiful. I had not stayed in such a place for a very long time and it was quite the contrast between my unbearably hot breezeless room on the mainland. It was hard to believe that only 90 minutes away via ferry was a very different place. What a contrast.

Stay tuned...I can’t wait to share with you the photos from the resort during the day. The caye is surrounded by a reef (as is the entire island of Roatan) thus excellent snorkeling was right off the beach. Plus I did a half day tour of the Garifuna villages! Much more coming soon! 

In case you want to visit Roatan, I would highly recommend the lovely Barefoot Cay. To read my review on TripAdvisor, click here. 


    1. Yes indeed! I don’t travel like that often. But the chances I get, it is really wonderful! Funny thing is the price I paid is the same I’d pay for a hotel room in any big city in the US! It just felt like a lot after being in Honduras. But oh it was so nice! 🙂

    1. Oh it was so incredibly nice. That first night I slept with the wooden shutters wide open and had the fresh sea air blow across my face. In the morning, I woke at 5 to watch the sun rise….it was too beautiful to sleep in!

      1. I’d have been the same! Perfect bliss! When I lived in Phuket 10 years ago I had a house by the beach where I could hear the waves from my bed. I’m not sure how easy it will be to get something so good again but I’ll try!

  1. Don’t know what to say other than – wow! Love the view from the balcony… could imagine sitting there for hours sipping something and dipping into my book. Fabulous looking place.

  2. We all deserve to spoil ourselves! It looks and reads like you did a fantastic job of it. I’m marking this on my list of places to pamper myself (there are many…).

  3. Thanks for your post! I’m really interested in your travels and reading more about your work. I’ve fallen in love with Latin America.. but alas, I’ve only made it to the border of Honduras. Am looking forward to reading more about your social justice work!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I have a ton of posts…over 700 now! I hope it isn’t too hard to find the ones that interest you but if you scroll down to the bottom and look under subjects you will find what I’ve written about. I love Central and South America! Great places! 🙂 If you have any questions, let me know as I’d be happy to help!

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