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I left the mainland of Honduras on the four o’clock ferry, just in time to catch the glorious sunset over the Caribbean Sea. Although the hour and a half ride was exceedingly rough (I noticed something was going on when the ferry employees handed out plastic vomit bags as soon as we set sail), I still was thrilled to be out at sea as the sun set and cast brilliant hues of saffron yellows, golds and pale pinks across the sky and water. It was utterly brilliant.

I stood the entire way as I was concerned I’d get seasick. Standing seemed to help as I was able to allow my body to sway and move with the motion of the waves. Many people were not so lucky so I was happy when the ferry finally pulled into the shore of Roatan right as I was starting to feel a little green.

Here are some of my favorite shots along the way, as the sun began to set and cast her magic upon all those who could see.

Pulling out of port….

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Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of Heaven. – John Lubbock



I could hardly wait to have more time in Roatan. I was looking forward to a morning of snorkeling and a four-hour island tour with a local guide. I also was really excited about my little indulgence….staying at a secluded resort on the other side of town, away from all the tourists and into a nicely earned heavenly peace.


    1. Thanks Angeline! I left out the photos of all the people vomiting! It didn’t really seem to fit in this post with all the gorgeous sunset shots. But I truly felt sorry for some of the people who were sick the entire time!

  1. Great photos, but i would have been one using the bags. Most travel makes me ill. Odd for someone who loves to travel. however, as soon as the transportation part is done, I feel much better and am ready to explore.

    1. Ha Ha! I am actually really surprised I didn’t get sick. When I told people I took the ferry they couldn’t believe it because most people fly!

  2. A difficult trip? Yes. Beautiful? Yes. But if your journey got too difficult, just remember the gift you are bringing to the Hondurian children. Rays of love and hope!

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