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After the sun dipped below the sea, it was time to take a walk along West Bay beach and scope out a place to eat. Diane from West Bay B&B had given me a little hand-made drawing of the beach and listed all her favorite places to eat. As a lover of Argentinian food, I decided to try the Argentinian parrilla or grill. But first I wanted to explore a little further down the beach and snap a few more photos especially because the crowds had died down and only a few remained to catch the last rays of light of the day.




IMG_2080I had heard about the lore of the sandfly while researching the trip. The travel health clinic told me to make sure I brought along lots of DEET to ward off these nasty critters and also keep away the other unwanted guests: The malaria-carrying mosquitos. In the joy of finally being in paradise I somehow simply forgot to spray it on. I would learn latter that it was a huge mistake.

I did a google search on sandflies to show you what they look like and can do to the skin. It isn’t pretty. Two weeks after being home, my legs are still covered in these itchy, reddish bites!

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 8.09.20 AM

As it approached six, I was famished and it was time to find myself a seat at the outdoor Argentinian Grill. Naive and “fresh off the boat”, I was the perfect meal for the sandflies. They started to get me slowly, a little bite here and little bite there, until I simply had to wolf down my food as fast as I could and leave before my entire body was covered in itchy bites. Talk about an unexpected, unwanted guest!

But on the positive note (as there always must be one in my book), the food was fantastic and the views made up for the fact that my legs were covered in welts.













I returned to my room, itchy as hell but excited for my morning ahead. Before heading off to sleep, I made sure I placed my bug spray in my bag. I also realized I didn’t have any itch creme!

Stay tuned…


  1. Tiger balm is the best thing to put on insect bites, although the smell is quite overpowering! If you know anyone who’s visiting Thailand, ask them to bring some back for you because it’s much stronger over there.

    1. Ok….next time or the first time I get over to Thailand (really on my travel dream list)…I will remember Tiger Balm as I am a mosquito magnet! 🙂

      1. If you ever come over to the UK, get someone to order you some Avon dry oil body spray. It’s not supposed to be an insect repellant, but it’s the best thing to avoid getting bitten in the first place. It’s a lot better than DEET, which actually attracts a lot of insects, but unfortunately Avon only sell it in the UK. They’d make a fortune if they sold it worldwide!

  2. Your photos are lovely Nicole but my skin is crawling just reading about your experience with sandflies. Hope you have recovered.

  3. We searched long and hard for a country and a resort which would offer us beauty, tranquility and culture. Tranquilseas not only delivered but surpassed our expectations. Our stay was from December 29th 2012 through January 5th 2013. Chris the owner was eager to help make our vacation everything we desired and he is a pleasure to spend time with. The staff at Tranquilseas are friendly, laid back and committed to make every experience an enjoyable one. Chris and Monica took us on a boat tour around the island which was a highlight of our stay. It’s refreshing to have an owner so invested in protecting the beauty of the country and having such a positive impact on environmental awareness. The grounds are impeccable with countless spots to kick back and relax. I can’t remember the last time I felt that relaxed! We often felt as though we had the place to ourselves. The food is great, the drinks even better!A tip for divers, wear a full wet suit no matter what the water temp. I unfortunately learned the hard way and suffered multiple stings from juvenile jellyfish on my last day of diving which has made for an unbearably itchy week post trip! Otherwise, the diving was terrific.All in all, we had a fantastic time and look forward to returning one day. Thanks Chris, Monica, Scott, Kent, Diane and all the staff at Tranquilseas. It was SUPA DUPA!

    1. Wow, thanks so much for such an awesome review! I had heard about this place in my guidebook and if I do go back with my family I’ll be sure to check this one out. Thanks again!

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