Beautiful Mykonos.

After five delightful, heavenly days in Santorini it was hard to leave. We had already changed our trip once canceling a two-day visit to neighboring Paros so we could extend our time in Santorini. It was a wise choice as we felt fully rested and relaxed after five days of sunsets and sunrises in perhaps one of the most beautiful islands on earth. In retrospect, it was perhaps a sign of fate to have those extra days in paradise as once we resumed our Greek Island Hopping trip, things turned well greek. Instead of a nice and easy three-hour Hydrofoil ride to our next stop, Mykonos, our day ended up being an extremely long and annoying travel experience. It all began when we arrived as planned at the ferry office to discover that our ferry was canceled (apparently a frequent occurrence in Greece). Instead of three short hours we spent eleven long hours in transit trying to get to Mykonos. By the time we got to our hotel, we were both exhausted and wondering why on earth we ever chose this kind of vacation for a honeymoon. Oh well. Thoughts of Santorini returned and we realized it was worth it.


Mykonos is known for its huge white pelicans.

Mykonos was perhaps one of the craziest places I’d ever experienced. All inhibition is simply left behind when one comes to Mykonos. I had heard about the differing levels of beaches. The ones infamously named Paradise and Super-Paradise which varies on level of nudity. Not being the exhibitionist kind of gal, we opted for the tamer beach which was surprising calm. I’m not really a beach person though as I’d rather be hiking.



Having cocktails at sundown in “Little Venice” with Greek strangers.

While days were spent at the beach, nights were spent in Maddening Mykonos Town, party central. Winding, serpentine streets meandered throughout the town full of outdoor cafes, restaurants and enough bars to keep you drinking for months. It was easy to get lost but that was half the fun. The people-watching was intense and most bars didn’t even open their doors until the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say, we had a blast.


Enjoying a late dinner in Mykonos Town.

After three days, it was time to board the ferry once again and head to our next destination: The island of Samos, which is off the coast of Turkey. We had picked that island as we wanted to see the world famous ruins of Ephesus. Unfortunately, the ferry ride over was the worst one yet.


Here is me, at 3 am, looking tired and crabby while waiting for our five hour late ferry to arrive.

Little did I know, we were on to our next unfortunate adventure of our honeymoon!

Stay tuned…


  1. I only spent half a day on Mykonos and half on Delos, Nicole, so I felt short changed with my Mykonos experience. Loved the pretty red roofs though, and we were much luckier with ferries than you seem to’ve been. Paros and Naxos were both beautiful too.

  2. I sympathise with you on the Greek ferries. It once took me two days to move from Rhodes to Crete. I had to carry everything I owned, and when I got there I found out I’d caught food poisoning. If things couldn’t get any worse, my phone had died on the boat so I arrived into Ag Nik at 3am, alone and with nowhere to go. Luckily, a genuine good samaritan appeared in his car and offered me a lift to the nearest taxi rank. I never saw that Greek man again, but I will forever be indebted to him. It could have been worse, though. Because the ferry was running late, the captain had deicded to miss out one of the stops. There were lots of people who ended up at completely the wrong end of Crete! I hope you made it to Ephesus, it’s my favourite place in Turkey.

    1. Wow that sounds miserable! Yes the Greek ferries are notoriously unreliable. I guess half the fun, right? I did make it to Ephesus and loved it! More later,…. 🙂

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