Often when I travel, I am drawn to the unexpected surprises of places hidden beneath the non-attentive eye. From the mysterious hutongs of Beijing to the labyrinthine of a souq in Morocco, there is always a surprising hidden place to explore.

Perhaps these hidden places open a window into the unknown about the foreign culture you are visiting. Yet they always seem to leave me questioning, thinking and guessing about what it is really like behind these hidden windows of life.

The secret paths within a souq. Rabat, Morocco.

The whitewashed and baby blue walls in a Moroccan kasbah.

Inside the deep alleyways of the traditional Chinese hutongs. Beijing, China.

Another look at a Chinese Hutong.

Peering deep inside a hutong and wondering who lives there? How many homes are tucked away inside?

A hutong without a name or address.

Inside an ancient Chinese Water Village with numerous mysterious alleyways.

Many Chinese Water villages are threaded in waterways like this one that wind around the village and flow out to sea.

The open-air entryway of a home or cafe in Uruguay.

An open-air room of women making fresh torillas out of a building in Guatemala.

An alleyway in Guatemala where a Mayan women hones her craft.

Peeking inside the reddish brown wooden doors of a teahouse kitchen in rural Nepal.

Looking outside a “hotel” window in Himalayan Nepal at the donkey train passageway where modern day trucking is at its best.

What kinds of hidden places have you seen in your travels? Feel free to share! (P.S. I’m not trying to start a photo challenge yet I would love to see what other travel bloggers/photographers have to say. Feel free to join in or comment).


  1. love it! I love going down alleyways when I am visiting new places, you discover so many secret courtyards, you see how people actually live (and I too like peeping into their houses…) 🙂 great photos!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I came up with the idea today after seeing a few posts on windows. I thought these hidden places were also somewhat like windows into the world.

      1. Oh….I still so dream of going to lake atitlan. The one place I wanted to go so badly and didn’t get to. I’ll be there someday, I’m sure! 🙂

  2. Oh, the places you have been. I loved all your photos. It is apparent that when you travel you immerse yourself into the culture, which is quite wonderful, isn’t it?

  3. You have a couple of photos from Morocco, but I just wanted to add that my favorite part about the architecture is how hidden everything is, especially in the medinas. It’s impossible to know what kind of house is behind any given door until you step through, making every entrance a surprise!

    1. That is so true! I should have put the secret doorway to the riad that I stayed at. It opened up into the most sensational palace and was a stunning surprise.

  4. A fantastic series and I love them all! Was looking at that shot of the water village and thinking you might have been standing on top of the bridge on my header!! Was that Suzhou or Zhujiajiao?

  5. Theres something special amd unique about ‘hidden places’ … Touches the real heart of a life in another part of the world … Beautiful photos .. I can get lost for hours 🙂

  6. I love to wander in the back streets of Florence whenever I go. There is a delight at every turn….and usually no other people. Lately I have been visiting the mountain villages that make up Bagni di Lucca and find hidden treasures in the narrow, winding, and often very steep, lane ways and ancient mule tracks in these places.

  7. Nice travel photos! Which city is the one with water? I had been to Beijing a few times but did not see the Hu Tong. Thanks for posting the hidden places in the world! You have traveled everywhere…mostly interesting places.

    1. Thanks! We went to a water village outside of Shanghai. It was really beautiful. The Hutongs are rather hidden and wound up being my most favorite things to explore in Bejing! We got lost forever! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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