Its been five months and I still can’t stop obsessing over Guatemala. Lovely, picturesque Antigua obviously captivated my soul and has held it hostage. I can’t seem to break free from reminiscing about the past. You see, Guatemala is a land of a million colors and with color comes texture.

Texture can be found in nearly everything – from the cobblestone streets, to the peeling paint off of Antigua’s colorful buildings. Texture can even be found in the most unusual places too. In the lines and breaks along the tiled rooftops. Along the half-destroyed ruins of the churches and fountains. It is almost as if the earthquakes were intended to make Antigua truly a spectacular, textured place.

Follow me through the cobblestone streets of Antigua and see for yourself if you agree. I hope to see the lovely texture of Guatemala again soon.

This post is written in response to Ailsa’s (from Where’s my Backpack) Weekly Travel Theme: Texture. To feel more texture posts, click here. Hope you enjoyed the journey!


  1. Love your photos! I have to say that I visited Guatemala in 2000 and it still captivates me to this day! It is a place that never really leaves you once you go there. Thanks for another beautiful post!!

    1. Thank you! I would really love to go back and also explore more of Central America. I love how unwesternized it is and the culture and beauty of the place is spellbinding!

      1. I couldn’t agree more. I couldn’t help looking at the dense forest and thinking that maybe development is not the answer to everything! And the colors! What a beautiful country. I would love to go back!

  2. Oh, would i love to go there. The skies look very clear – I’m thinking this town is high up – and the ruins are gorgeous – the people waiting for the bus in that yellow building – the carvings – but also I like that you caught those weeds growing among the roof tiles. thanks!

  3. Nicole, has it been that long already when we wandered the streets of Antigua together? Time has flown by! With my few mins of internet time here I couldn’t resist taking a look at what you’d been doing lately and was pleasantly surprised to find Antigua revisited! Will you go back some day? Saludos amiga!

    1. Yes it has….sad, isn’t it! I am loving my new camera by the way. I got the updated model of yours that I used in Antigua when my camera ran out of batteries. If you check out my French Alps posts, you can see a big difference and I still don’t even know how to use it fully!!!! :_)

      1. Time goes by too quickly! Glad you like your new camera. It’s a good one and if you got the updated model then it must be even better. I’ll check those posts out!

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