Doors are fascinating.Β They are also quite mysterious for who knows what lies behind the doors of a place. They are the gatekeeper when closed. Yet when opened, they offer you a look into a whole new world of possibilities inside.

When I think of doors, there is one place in particular in which I was utterly blown away by the doors: Β Guatemala.Β This colorful country had perhaps some of the most unusual and interesting doors I’d ever seen during my travels. For those of you who have been following my blog, you have already seen these photos. However, I decided to spruce them up a little by playing around with the colors.

Come, take a walk with me and admire some of my favorite doors I found…..



    1. Thank you very much! If you haven’t been to Antigua, you have to go! You would be like me, stopping every couple of steps to take pictures! It was so amazing! πŸ™‚

  1. That sure is a mighty collection of doors, Nicole! Such wonderful textures, in the old wood, with all the scars of centuries – all guardians to lives, and stories. Just lovely (as usual!).

  2. Nicole, these are beautiful, thank you for sharing! I (like SKEdazzle said above) am also a door fanatic! My favorite photo above is the 5th one, with the cotton candy swirls of color on the building and those sprigs of plants growing out of the roof. Sometimes letting nature take over leads to unexpected beauty.

    1. Thanks Meghan! Looks like my zillion pictures of doors paid off! I was so interested in them I could hardly get anywhere when I was in Guatemala without stopping to take another picture! I became quite crazy about them!

    1. Yes, isn’t that true! But part of me loved them even more with the rustic look of peeling paint and sprigs of weeds or trees growing out the top!

    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun with this post. Just completed the market one too and really enjoyed that one….hmmm so what’s next? Can’t wait to see next week!

    1. Thanks! Yes it was absolutely amazing! So much “eye candy” that I could hardly get around without stopping every few feet to take a picture! I loved Guatemala.

    1. Thank you so much Roxanne! So I’m not the only one who was obsessed with the doors there! I could not stop taking pictures of them. So amazing and so much history!

  3. Enjoyed our walk though our doors couldn’t be more different! Just joining Jake’s challenge today and have seen some great posts.

    1. Thanks! I really enjoyed your doors too! I love Jake’s challenge. I find the photo challenges extremely fun and addicting. Welcome aboard!

    1. Thank you! I sure enjoyed putting this post together! I had to leave a few out because I had so many darn pictures but I certainly loved each and every door I saw. So much history and beauty!

  4. These doors you’ve photographed are outstanding. The rustic turquoise patina with the brown door is beautiful. I love that antique historic look. I like to take photo’s of doors that have a meaning behind them. All doors are saying something it’s finding out what it is that fascinates me. Great array of images.
    Well done,

    1. Thanks Isadora! I love that turquoise one too as blue is my favorite color and I love all hues of blues. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! So far I think it is one of my favorites recently. πŸ™‚ Nicole

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