A strong aura filters around the ruins and church of San Francisco. Inside the sanctuary, the tomb of the only saint in all of Guatemala rests. It is believed that the powerful and humble Santo Hermano Pedro de San Jose is watching over the place in a sense.

Santo Pedro was a Spanish missionary who came to Guatemala during the 17th century and was known for his commitment to fighting poverty, disease and hunger among his people. A large statue of Santo Pedro looms over the grand church walls offering a sense of protection and well-being to the people of this lovely town.

Before entering the church, you have a chance to buy an offering for Santo Pedro.

As Lucy and I walked around the church, we came upon this lovely fresco on the outside wall. I found the scene so lovely that I had to take multiple pictures of it.

This is the national bird of Guatemala, the quetzal in which the currency is named after as well.

Here is the statue of the man himself, Santo Pedro.

As Lucy and I approached the entrance of the church, the sun was starting to lower in the sky and break free from the clouds. I noticed this reflection in the glass windows of the church and loved the effect.

I think this is my favorite picture!

Before entering the church, you could light a candle. I love the calming, peaceful effect of candlelight.

Inside the church, I saw this lovely stained glass window and the sun was beaming through brilliantly. I had to take a shot.

After leaving the church, I took a final few pictures of the ruins. These would be the last photos of ruins I had from my trip to Antigua.

By the end of this site, Lucy and I were exhausted and in heavy need of relaxation. We found a lovely rooftop bar overlooking Antigua for our repose yet were surrounded by loud Americans (yes, my fellow countryman!). Although it wasn’t ideal, the photos from above were fabulous….coming in next post!!!!

Stay tuned…


  1. One of my favorite things to do in my travels is to explore expressions of faith in new cultures (which is ironic because I’m not very good at the whole religion/faith thing myself). I love that Guatemala does it with so much color and light. Great photos!

    1. It is funny as I am the same way. I’m not religious but love learning about other people’s faith especially when I travel. I found Morocco utterly fascinating!

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