Photo above taken this afternoon on bus ride from Guatemala City to Xela

I made it. I’m here in one piece. Barely. I forgot how exhausting travel can be especially when you barely speak the language. I chose this picture for my first post on Guatemala because it illustrates how I feel. Completely disoriented.

I will write more later about the trip. I am extremely tired. Just wanted to send you a little postcard from my day. Of course I took tons of photos from my front seat in the bus. There will be an entire post on my first day no worries. It was that interesting.

Yet now it is time to try to get some sleep before I start my spanish classes tomorrow morning. I obviously need it. I could not understand a thing being said tonight at the dinner table. It was a lonely feeling. Thankfully my host family is wonderful and I don’t think they thought I was an idiot for my poor mastery of the language. Oh well.

Stay tuned….it is a lovely city surrounded by haunting volcanoes! I may just have to take a side trip….


  1. Glad you got there ok, can’t wait to hear all about it. It is raining all day today, so no skiing. The rest of the week looks better.
    Looking forward to talking.

  2. yeah, you made it! I was worried when I heard the radio say that the airline merger didn’t go smoothly yesterday. Can’t wait to hear more. Be patient with yourself with the language! It’s a lot to absorb all at once!

  3. Awesome – I’ve never been south of the US on the American continents and I really want to go… I love the colour scheme on that bus it’s fab.

  4. If it makes you feel any better I lived 6 weeks with a family in Japan once and I didn’t speak a lick of Japanese. And I wound up making lifelong friends with my family. I remember that feeling. You are going to be ace at speaking Spanish soon!!

    Jen 🙂

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