I started my blog thirdeyemom back in February with modest expectations.  I have always loved to write and I have been a wanderlust since birth.  I wanted to share my experiences of seeing the world with others.  I wanted to have some kind of voice besides my leather-bound journal.

I felt a little nervous about writing a blog.  Many thoughts crossed my mind.  What if no one ever read it?  What if no one liked it?  What if I was disappointed?  

But excitement and anticipation took over all my doubts and I said “What the hell“, you only live once.  By using a pen name, thirdeyemom, no one will even really know who I am!  I can be somewhat anonymous. (Yeah…right).

Almost a year later, little did I know that not only would I have some people reading my blog, I’d have made several new blogging pals, started two other blogs on my own, and have shared my work on three other sites (World Mom’s Blog, Elephant Journal and Open Salon).

I haven’t made a dime with my work but that is not why I’m doing it.  I have written over two hundred posts, have spent countless hours writing and uploading my photos, and have received nothing but mere satisfaction that I finally have my voice.  An outlet.

Yet now I am excited that my blogging has lead to something new.  I have been invited to attend the upcoming Shot@Life training and campaign to help raise awareness of providing necessary vaccinations across the globe.  This never would have happened without my blog.  So here’s to blogging!

My Article on Nepal and my latest venture with Shot@Life can be read today on World Mom’s Blog site.  Click on link here to read:  Social Good:  How a trip to a third-world country changed my life.  

And, if you want to learn more about Shot@Life before I start writing about it….here is a fantastic YouTube video that deeply touches the soul.

Click here to read the Shot@Life’s Press Release.


  1. Bravo!!! The most important thing for all bloggers is to love what they do, that is writing. For me, the reason why I started my own blog was to share my thoughts and stories. I’m really glad you got such a great opportunity to speak out your mind even more loudly! Keep up the spirit!

    1. Thanks! I agree that being passionate about something such as writing is the best thing ever. I’ve done plenty of paid jobs before but never felt as good about what I’ve done until now. Thanks for reading!

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