There is something seriously sexy about The Bund.  Lovely, grand, historic buildings line the decedent waterfront of the Huangpu River affording an old-world charm, albeit European, to the “Paris of the Orient“.

Built around the start of the first Opium War and the consequent concessions, the lovely historical buildings of The Bund were constructed over a period of years starting in 1840 until 1930.  The “Bund” which translates into the “embankment” or “embanked quay” reflects a multitude of architectural influences signifying the international flavor of Shanghai at the time. The old historic buildings that once housed large banking and trading companies, businesses and foreign consuls, represent a bouquet of different architectural styles.  One can find Gothic, Baroque, Rome, Renaissance, Classic, as well as both Eastern and Western influences among the buildings.  It is truly a delightful place, especially at night when the city lights aluminate this spectacular strip of buildings.

The Bund is particularly sensual at night.  When the lights are beaming up onto the building’s arches and splendor, it is a magical place that is definitely worth an evening stroll.

Here are the highlights of the Bund at night.  Enjoy!

A not so great picture of the Bund as seen through our hotel window….amazingly beautiful!


  1. I agree that the Bund at night has its own special magic. Four years in Shanghai and I’m still entangled! Looking forward to more posts on Shanghai.

  2. I absolutely love when you share the night views just a whole new perspective to the day views – some cities just come alive at night:) Have an Awesome New Year and Here’s to New Adventures in 2012!!!

    1. Thanks! I think the pics turned out well too! I have to admit that I used my iPhone for them. I am not that great of a photographer…yet! (I hope to someday take some serious classes and learn). I love the night views and have some more great ones coming. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TO!!!!! Thanks for reading and all your great comments!

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