Luxury and poverty right outside the door

Our hotel was found using Trip Advisor and was a four-star.  It was a lovely place with lots of gorgeous, authentic Hindu artwork and a fabulous rooftop restaurant deck where guests were served an enormous breakfast and delicious hot chicken tikka at night.  For a moment, you forgot that just outside your hotel window was how the “older half” live (or quite frankly, most of the world).  Directly outside the lovely confines of our hotel, the contrast of luxury and poverty in India was shocking.   A tent (plastic tarp) community lived right out on the side of the road, within the heaps of dirt and garbage and surrounded by the continual loud, polluting traffic that whizzed by 24/7.  Of course there was no running water and no electricity.  The people could be seen cooking up their meals over an open fire of burning trash.  Sadly, this is reality in India, along with the continual garbage thrown EVERYWHERE alongside the roads, dirt sidewalks and “highways”.   I found it also quite sad to see all the livestock, mainly cows who are sacred in India, living right in the middle of the roads eating off the endless piles of garbage. 

Reality awaits right out our hotel window…….














Worth a Read……

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