Summer memories at a lake in Minnesota

Sometimes even a global traveler like me needs to take time off and enjoy the simple yet beautiful things close to home.


Minnesota is a beautiful place that has over 10,000 lakes many of them untouched. You can find any kind of lake your heart desires from the urban lakes of the cities, to the many resort lakes lined with cabins and finally to the remote, untouched lakes within the Boundary Waters.


For four years, we have been coming to lovely Roy Lake in Nisswa, Minnesota and staying at a little red cabin as part of the Grand View Lodge. It is our week as a family to unwind, create memories, and enjoy the lakes, nature and sunsets. It is a tradition that we all look forward to each Fourth of July week.


A time meant to unwind and forget about life for awhile. A time to relax, refresh and smile.


And also a time to enjoy the small pleasures of life in Minnesota. A place like nowhere else.




A time to find beauty and love in the world. And leave all your worries at home.




Off fishing….. Back soon.

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