A trip around Andalusia: The route

I promised I would move on to my next series and here it is: Sumptuous Spain!  I am digging back through my archives a bit as I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from readers on it.  So, I am going to go for it even though (a) The trip was 8 years ago (b) I had to scan every single picture as it was before I had a digital camera, and (c) I am going off my old, leather-bound travel journal as memory.  (My own brain is way too foggy for a trip in 2004, especially after two kids). 

Thus all in all, this series of posts will not be anywhere near as detailed as my recent ones on Guatemala, China, Nepal, Morocco, Costa Rica or Argentina, all relatively recent travels.  But on the bright side of things I don’t have many pictures or stories written down thus it will mostly be a few fond memories per city.  So here goes nothing, Hasta Spain!

Photo credit: Wikipedia Free Commons