Vintage American Cars in Havana

A Look into Cuba’s Tumultuous Past

Author’s note: Many readers have asked lots of questions about Cuba and why the US continues to have an embargo after 50 years. America’s relationship with Cuba is a fascinating albeit complicated topic. My goal for this post is to briefly outline the complex history between Cuba and the United States. It is a daunting task and by no means am I an expert. All the information used to write this post was gained from my people-to-people visits, interviews with Cubans, and reading and research on Cuban-American relations.  I feel it is hard to explain Cuba without explaining her long fight for freedom and revolutionary past. – thirdeyemom

Mi amigo in Trinidad

I saw this man in Trinidad and he fit the bill of my image of a true Cuban.

Cuba is a place of perseverance, pride and frustration. In order to get an understanding of how today’s Cuba evolved, it is essential to dig back in time and examine Cuba’s turbulent past and struggle for independence after years of colonial rule.

Like many parts of the world, Cuba had an indigenous population who were living peacefully before Cuba was “discovered” by Christopher Columbus in 1492 during Columbus’ first expedition to the Americas.

Voyages of Christopher Columbus

The Four Voyages of Christopher Columbus from 1492-1500. Source: WIkipedia Free Commons