Interactive World Map of Where I’ve Been

Over the years, I have traveled to over 45 countries and six continents. To see where I’ve been and read related posts, click on country in red. The countries in orange are the countries I’ve visited but have not written about on my blog and the countries in blue are the ones I have yet to explore. I have so much more to see in this amazing world! 





Central America


(Note: I lived in Europe and traveled to almost all of the countries within the EU but this was all well before the amazing invention of the digital camera and the internet. These memories are sadly not on this blog but remain in dozens of handwritten journals). 

North America

South America

I’ve been to a lot more places than listed above but that was well before I began writing this blog! So if you have any questions about a place and am wondering if I’ve been there, please let me know. My entire year of living abroad in France and backpacking in the early 1990s is left sadly to my lonely handwritten travel journals as is all the family trips to Mexico, the Caribbean and Japan. Those stories remain within my heart.