GOOD Travel inspires travelers and tourism businesses to transform one of the world’s largest industries into a force for good. I learned about GOOD Travel three years ago and have loved their mission to promote sustainable, responsible travel ever since. Each trip GOOD Travel offers has been thoughtfully designed with the intention to give travelers a once-in-a-lifetime experience while contributing in a positive way to the communities and places we visit.  With the threat of over-tourism, climate change, and the rise in disrespectful tourism practices, I personally can’t think of a more impactful way to travel.

Meet GOOD Travel

GOOD Travel is a social enterprise founded in 2013 by four women from four continents with the vision of transforming the tourism industry into a force for GOOD. GOOD Travel offers group travel experiences that have been carefully designed to ensure travelers have a positive impact on the places and communities they visit. Ten years after its founding, GOOD Travel is continually working to evolve, grow and offer unique, regenerative experiences for their travelers. New this summer is GOOD Travel’s first mother-daughter trip to Fiji.

Fiji is known for its stunning beaches and warm culture. Photo courtesy of GOOD Travel

Trip Highlights

This trip will be both adventurous and rejuvenating, allowing moms (all moms are welcome – lesbian moms, straight moms, grandmoms, aunties, etc) and their daughters (preferably ages 10+, inquire for details) the opportunity to connect with Fijian people, culture and nature – a once in a lifetime mother-daughter bonding experience.

  • Spend time with like-minded moms in a true community of travelers.
  • Sail on a traditional Fijian sailing boat, visit a farmers market, swim at Savulelele waterfall, snorkel in clear blue waters, take part in a welcoming ceremony at a Fijian village, and more!
  • Have an adventurous and relaxing trip with your daughter without having to figure out all the logistics! We will make sure both you and your daughter have a safe, exciting, and enjoyable trip.
  • Connect with Fijian culture in a way unavailable to most visitors – through meeting local communities, sailing on a traditional Fijian vessel, and experiencing places inaccessible except with our experienced local guides
  • Create memories that moms and kids will share for their lifetimes.
  • Show your daughters how to be responsible travelers, compassionate global citizens, and adventurous, open-minded young women.

What is GOOD about this trip?

GOOD Travel has carefully designed this trip to Fiji in a way that you and your daughter will have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure while contributing positively to the places and communities you visit. 

GOOD Travel has partnered with the wonderful Talanoa Treks who share their commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism and work in partnership with local communities. You and your daughter will be led by an experienced Fijian guide who will allow you to connect with Fijian culture and communities along your journey.

This is also a particularly special itinerary because it includes an overnight stay on Uto ni Yalo, a beautiful traditional Fijian sailing vessel that, through the Uto ni Yalo Trust, supports storytelling, education, and protection of the ocean by sharing Fiji’s sailing traditions and knowledge with young people.  Mother and daughters on this trip will get to sail in the calm and crystal clear blue waters of Fiji while engaging with Uto’s crew and learning about Fiji’s culture and history.

Aerial shot of crew on the Uto. Photo courtesy of GOOD Travel

On top of all this, GOOD Travel will donate $150 USD of your fees to the Uto ni Yalo Trust to continue their incredible work, offset all your in-country carbon emissions, and ensure that all your accommodation, food, and activities throughout your stay are contributing in a positive way.


Sunday, July 9 – Saturday, July 15, 2023

A taste of the trip



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