Temperamental Seasons

The weather is confused. Friday we had an unexpected surprise. A winter thunderstorm arrived in Minnesota. Normally this time of year, we get lots of snow and the bone-chilling temperatures of winter are a tired fact of life. Yet Friday morning as the sky turned taciturn gray, I heard the undeniable boom of thunder and then the sky opened up and it poured.

Perhaps this unusual weather was symbolic of how my life has been. Hectic. Temperamental and a little out of sorts. As I type, I am on an airplane heading south to Nicaragua where I’ll have a change of seasons for a week. I will leave the cold, wet, gray weather of late winter in Minnesota behind to the burning heat and sun of Nicaragua.

Lake Harriet Minneapolis MN

View of Lake Harriet

I will be jumping out of my comfort zone by experiencing an all women’s learn to surf camp called Chicabrava.  I have never surfed in my life and am a little apprehensive about swimming in the ocean. I even woke up one night in a dead sweat after having a nightmare that involved being surrounded by sharks. I know it is silly of me to be worried about encountering JAWS in the water but I sometimes tend to be a worry wart about the unknown. Sure I’m an adventurous soul who has traveled to volunteer alone in countries I’ve never been to, has climbed up high mountains not knowing if I’ll reach the top or attempted to ski down a double black ledge all while avoiding the rocks. But I’ve never tried surfing.

It should be an experience that I’m sure to never forget, and it is good timing for me to take a break and refresh my mind. Life can get stressful and complicated which is why sometimes you’ve just got to take the plunge and go for it.

I probably will be pretty quiet here on my blog for the next week since I will be quite busy. But rest assured, I will have plenty of wonderful stories to share (along with some major aches and pains) when I return. Sometimes it is fun to go off the grid like travel used to be before smartphones and wi-fi.

Wish me luck. I hope I catch a wave!

This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons. 


  1. Absolutely Nicole, I couldn’t agree more. Disconnect, forget the computer and wifi for a week and just enjoy being off the grid. Sounds like you’re overdue for a good break, something completely different to de-stress and it doesn’t get more different than learning to surf. That’s way out of my comfort zone as well. Enjoy and I look forward to hearing all your stories when you get back. With all your skiing and good balance you might discover you’re an absolute natural!

    • Thanks Janet! What a trip. It was so nice to get to 90 degrees everyday with only wearing a swimsuit, never doing my hair, and truly unwinding off the grid. I actually did it too! I surfed. Never realized how fearful I am of the big waves in the ocean. That was my biggest fear but I got up on my board the second try and actually caught some small waves. It was really fun but hard work too. 🙂 More soon!

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  3. Enjoy Nicaragua and the all women’s learn to surf camp. Nicaragua is suppose to be a surfers paradise. Maybe the best is leaving gray and rain behind (but I am sure you enjoy the winter, too—real winter).

  4. Great shot and view of Lake Harriet, strange weather is always a bit of a rush for me; the added electricity in the air. And it seems you are going to have a bunch of electricity coursing throughout your body in the sun of Nicaragua, wow. A surf camp, how cool and look forward to your photos and stories. Safe travels and surfing 🙂

    • Thanks so much! It was a wonderful trip! Just got home and trying to readjust. It is always hard to come down from a trip especially back to the stress of life! 🙂

      • Yes so true! I always get the shock when I get home and I actually feel a bit sad. I love coming back to my kids and my husband and my home. But the US is so hectic and so busy and so intense. I get so overwhelmed by it all. I miss getting off the grid and living more freely. It is so ironic too because usually I feel more like this when I go to places that have so much less than here.

  5. Hi Nicole! Man its been too long since I’ve stopped by here. I live in Colorado now and we’re experiencing the same with weather. One week its in the 20’s the next week its mid 60’s. In the mountains at the Ski resorts its been in the mid 40’s for a few days now. Surfing sounds awesome! I tried it once, never took a lesson, just attempted to self teach and it didn’t work out very well haha. I’m sure with a lesson you’ll easily be able to pick it up though!

    I’m working on reviving with some new travel stories and new photography. Its been over 3 years since my last post but I’m already enjoying re-entering the blogging world. Looking forward to read up on your travels!

    – Nate

    • Hi Nate! Thanks so much for stopping by! I did see you wrote a few posts and I’ve saved them in my inbox to read when I have a chance. Welcome back! I always love it when bloggers who I’ve read come back. It is such a wonderful thing. Colorado sounds like a fantastic place to live too! Looking forward to reconnecting! 🙂

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