Ornate: A Photoblog

“Forget about subdued and restrained. This week, let’s embrace the breathtakingly extravagant”. – Ben Guberman

With late fall setting in and daylight savings sucking away our sunlight, I long for color and light. I am a person who is deeply impacted by the changing light and always find this time of year to be difficult. Living in a northern climate can be hard for a number of reasons but for me I almost find the short days to be the harder than the extreme cold. Normally it is around this time of year that I drag out my feel good light in the morning hours when I need it most. It certainly helps me get through the coming months as the days get shorter and shorter and darkness falls all too early. The one advantage of daylight savings time is that our summers are sensational with long hours of sunshine and sunsets well past ten o’clock. I remind myself of those brilliant days in the coming colorless months of winter.

When feeling blue, I search for color to bring me warmth and joy. There are so many ornately colorful things in the world around us that enliven my soul. Some of the most colorful places I’ve been are the most off the beaten path destinations. Here are a few of my favorites.


Pokhara, Nepal



Manang, NepalGuatemala



Antigua, Guatemala


Woman in La Paz Bolivia

Calle Jaén La Paz Bolivia

La Paz Bolivia churches


Entos Eyesu Monastery Lake Tana, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Bete Maryam Monastery Bahir Dar Ethiopia



Vintage American cars in Havana

Vintage American cars in Havana

Mi amigo in Trinidad

El Callejón de Hamel Havana Cuba


Carnival Port au Prince, Haiti 2015

Jacmel, Haiti

Jacques Eugene Croix des Bouquet Haiti

papier-mâché artisans Jacmel Haiti



Mkuru Training Camp Maasai Tanzania

Mkuru Training Camp Maasai Tanzania

Since I don’t have any travel plans for the time being all I can do is try to add as much color into my life as possible and remember that there is so much ornate color in the world. I just need to open up my eyes and see it.

This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate. 


  1. Kim

    These photos are phenomenal — and certainly ornate. I have a friend in Nepal right now, teaching at a monastery. She does it every year, and her photos capture (like yours have) the real Nepal.

  2. Wonderful post Nicole – so many favorites mixed in there. I share your dislike of the shorter days although here in the south our days do last just a bit longer. Interestingly your first photo is my very favorite!

  3. If these don’t lift the spirit I don’t know what will, Nicole! That first one had me hooked 🙂
    The Autumn colour has been wonderful this year, but it’s blowing away very rapidly.

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