Happy Thanksgiving from Bolivia

I have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. My family, my health and happiness. I am surrounded by love and am so fortunate to be able to follow my dreams.

Yesterday after a series of setbacks my dad and I arrived at the highest airport in the world in La Paz, Bolivia. A trip that had so much striking against us. A trip we were supposed to do a year ago until that dreadful news. Cancer.

Now a year later after months of chemo and recovery we are here. Dad, you are my hero and an unbelievable testament of hope, resilience, courage and perseverance.

I so incredibly thankful to be here today and on Saturday headed to the high Andes with my favorite hiking partner.

Life can be full or ups and downs but gratitude is something that should never change.



  1. You certainly are blessed to have this chance to build new memories with your loved ones and on Thanksgiving, which seems most appropriate–being grateful just skims the surface of your good fortune. Happy holiday.

    • Thanks Sally. Yes I am. I am very blessed indeed. My dad amazes and inspires me beyond belief. He truly is unbelievable. He still has tests every three months but he keeps fighting.

    • Thanks Sue! I am amazed as well. It was a very tough trip as we slept at 15,500 feet and did two hikes in two days all the way up to 17,700 feet! I just got home and am still so incredibly exhausted and my dad is 30 years older than me! He is unbelievable!!!

  2. The Captain (throat) and I (breast) are both cancer survivors and are thrilled to see your father on this (other) side of his cancer journey. What a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Enjoy your travels!

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