Ask World Leaders to #EndEbola Now

As a proud member, supporter and advocate of, a global advocacy group that works to end extreme poverty, I am posting today to let you know that the world needs to take urgent action to end Ebola.


The world’s initial response to the Ebola outbreak was a failure—global leaders waited too long to act, and thousands have paid with their lives.

ONE is asking global activists (meaning YOU!) to take action by:

  • Watching and sharing ONE’s new video, featuring international celebrities alongside Liberian health care workers. This is the video that left stars speechless.



Signing the global petition urging world leaders to make and deliver bold commitments to the Ebola crisis. To sign the global petition, click here. (Note: It is open to anyone regardless of what country you live in, you can sign!). 

Per Erin Hohlfelder, ONE’s Policy Director for Global Health:

“When crises like the West African Ebola outbreak hit, the job of advocates is to hold leaders accountable for their pledges, ensuring that countries deliver the services needed on the ground as quickly as possible in order to save lives and rebuild for the long-term”.


Track Ebola response with ONE’s Interactive Infographic:  Find out what money, health care workers and other support has been pledged–and delivered–for the Ebola crisis by countries and private donors so far: Click here to view by country to see what different nations have delivered.



Countless people are dying and we all can help! It is so easy. Please consider signing the petition and sharing. Thanks for your support!

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