Gone Hiking

Growing up in Minnesota, land of over 10,000 lakes, as a child I always loved those whimsical signs on storefronts that said “Sorry we’re closed. Gone Fishing“. Well, in case you have wondered why there is so much radio silence on my blog, I’ve gone hiking! My family and I are in Northern Arizona having a wonderful time exploring the red rocks of Sedona and the immense beauty of the Grand Canyon. Here are a few photos I’ve taken all unedited so far of our adventure.

Sedona Arizona

Sunrise hike in Sedona

Cathedral Rock Sedona Arizona

Hike near Cathedral Rock, Sedona.

Bell Rock Sedona Arizona

Hike at Bell Rock. Sedona

Oak Creek Sedona Arizona

Visit to Oak Creek in Sedona

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

First sight of Grand Canyon at East Entrance. 5:30 pm.

Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

View as the sun begins to set

Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

Happy kids who did excellent on an all day drive

Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

And the sun begins to set….

Gone hiking…..


  1. Love sedona and grand canyon! Haven’t been in years and always wanted to visit again with the family! Stunning images, looks like a wonderful hike, such natural beauty! thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. i look at those vistas, and my imagination immediately fills those chasms with blue and turquoise waters, with waves and dolphins and whales and sea gulls… it’s as if someone pulled the plug and drained an ocean!

    enjoy your time – it’s beautiful and so special with your adorable family!

  3. it looks like you’re having a lot of fun and that’s what it’s all about; thank for sharing the photos, we haven’t been there yet so it’s nice to at least travel there virtually. You’re my travel proxy 🙂

  4. I’ve done hiking in Arizona during the summer, years ago… and still remember the dust of red sand 🙂 I’m on the way for hiking as well, to Co. Wicklow in Ireland…

    • We all loved the Grand Canyon! I did a short hike down the rim alone and it was so amazing. Wish I could have done more! We did a lot of walking around the rim with the kids like the time travel hike. It was lovely and my son especially liked the canyon. So it was a great trip!!! Now I’m craving to hike all the way down to Phantom Ranch!!! Someday!

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