The Clouds have Lifted

I’ve tried hard to keep my blog as far away possible from my inner personal being. Sometimes there are things in life that are hard to share especially when they are painful. Yet I look back at a post I wrote on a tiny little blog I started last year (more of a diary that is left behind like a lost toy) and realize how hard the last year of my life was for me emotionally.
Fast forward to this fall, and once again we heard good news. A year ago, I was covered in dark clouds not knowing how on earth I would make it through to see the light. But the clouds have lifted and once again continue to remain free, hopeful and full of light. I will treasure this quote for a reminder of how we should live and experience our lives.

“Every Day is a Gift. That is why we call it the Present”.

The Diary of a Happy Mom: 40 and Beyond

“I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains”.  – Anne Frank

Sunset on Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN

The last six months have taught me many things. Painful lessons I didn’t want to learn but had no choice but to endure.  A reminder of life’s fleeting moments on this earth and how life can quickly change and turn your world upside down. A realization of the importance of enjoying each and every day and trying to live in the moment instead of the future or past. A reminder of what is most important in life and an incessant urge to hold on as tight as possible to what and who you love without letting go. A loss of oneself and being. In a metaphorical sense, a continual cloudy day.

I’ve been covered by dark, tumultuous clouds for over half a year. Clouds ranging from light and patchy to dark and stormy…

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