Bon Voyage!

We are off to a magical week ahead for the holidays! Due to low Internet connection my blog will be quiet for the next week as we pass through the Magical Kingdom of Disney then climb aboard our ship to Mexico and Belize. It is bound create cherished memories of a lifetime together as a family as we celebrate this special trip with my sister and her family. Yet it will be bittersweet as well as we deeply will miss two very special people who are unable to attend. We will take lots of pictures for you! Happy sails!








  1. how fun! i’ve been thinking of you and hoping that your father’s health has improved. after four months ‘off’ line more than on, i think i’ll be wired to cyberspace a bit more often.

    i look forward to your vacation report!

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks for checking in! My dad started chemo on Thanksgiving and I was there. He felt fine yet now is feeling a bit queasy but doing great overall. I’m here again in AZ. We just did our family cruise to Belize and Mexico and my parents insisted we go without them. So I said only if I could fly directly from Florida to their home to spend the rest of Christmas holiday with them. My hubbie and kids are still in Florida for a few days since the kids can’t be around my dad. Really thankful he is doing ok. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!!!

      • hey amiga
        your reply touched me deeply; i totally understand, and i remember one holiday when my children were young, and my mother was ill. i felt so torn – i wanted to be there with her (she was suffering) yet my husband/young children/inlaws were also in the picture.

        you are surely happy that you were able to juggle all of this and are now basking in the presence of your parents. sending you my love and strength, as you must remember to get some rest and take care of yourself!!!!

      • Thanks Lisa. It is really hard. I’m glad I’m here now though. My parents love having me. It is tough though and going to be a long few months ahead. Thanks for thinking of me!

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