“Dream big – dream very big. Work hard- work very hard. And after you’ve done all you can, you stand, wait, and fully surrender.” – Oprah Winfrey

A year ago, I was hiking the Tour de Vanoise in the French Alps and was utterly amazed by its pure beauty and vastness. As always with a hike, I felt myself slowly unwind with every step along the way. It was a time of great reflection about the upcoming year.


Now as I find myself nearing the end of summer and facing a major life change in only a few days, I find myself searching once again for focus. For a way to steer me in the path I want to take in this journey of life. Where I want to head this next year and the future.

Tour de Vanoise France

The Path taken

Which road will I follow? Which direction will I take? The path taken or the path untaken? The future remains so unclear. So out of focus.

Tour de Vanoise France“Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose” – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Tour de Vanoise France

Tour de Vanoise France

Sometimes it is hard to not be full of anxiety when the future is so unknown and life is so unclear. But all it takes is the beauty of life and nature to bring us back into focus and remember what is important. What is real.

Tour de Vanoise France

Wildflowers in the Tour de Vanoise

Wildflowers in the Tour de Vanoise

Wildflowers in the Tour de Vanoise

“Out of clutter, find simplicity”.  – Albert Einstein

Tour de Vanoise France

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts”.  – Eleanor Roosevelt

Tour de Vanoise FranceThis post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus. To see more entries click here

It was also inspired by a huge life change. On Monday, after nine years with children at home they will both be off to school all day. I will be on to the next adventure and journey in my life. I have some exciting changes happening. Stay tuned…


  1. Beautiful images and personal reflections, Nicole. I really like the detail of the flowers against the drama of the mountains, perhaps a metaphor for the details of your upcoming life change? The kids will be fine, and so will you!

    • Thanks Kat! The kids start school tomorrow and my little one will be in first grade meaning all day. Life is going to be very very different after nine years at home with the kids!

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  4. Wonderful metaphors for life itself Nicole! Have no doubt whatever path you take, will be as beautiful and meaningful 🙂

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  6. Great shots and I love the Oprah quote! Another way of saying it that plays in my head ALL the time is from a Carrie Newcomer song – Just do your best and say “Amen!”

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