The Golden Hour: Summer Sunsets in Minnesota

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

One of the great rewards of living in Minnesota is our amazing summers. Once old man winter decides to leave, we are blessed with perhaps the most postcard picture perfect weather imaginable. I guess after surviving six brutally cold, long months of winter you can say it is a gift and a ploy to keep us living here in the land of 10,000 lakes.

My most favorite time of day in the summer is twilight, when the hot sun slowly dips below the blue waters of my favorite urban lake. If we are lucky enough to have some clouds, then we are in for a treat. As the sun descends below the horizon it turns from yellow to orange to pink and casts a brilliant display of colors atop the serene water of the lake. It is the golden hour of time. When all of life’s worries and concerns suddenly seem insignificant and slowly fade away.

Just the other night, I took a late night walk around the lake and captured this photo of the golden hour across Lake Harriet near my home in Southwest Minneapolis. As the days are getting shorter now, the sun set a little past nine pm.

Sunset over Lake Harriet, Minneapolis

I wonder what I will see tonight?

This post was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour. To see more entries, click here


  1. Love the golden light, love the light in those sunset images, brilliant
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  2. Your post strikes me with a bit of nostalgia… I used to spend the summers in college with my best friend’s family at their lake house near Lake Nisswa. The summers there were truly incredible, and I always looked forward to the slight chill in the evening, laughing over bonfires and lying flat on our backs on the dock counting shooting stars… and of course those breathtaking sunsets which you’ve captured so well!

    • We were just in Nisswa! If you go on my blog and search under “Travel by Country-Minnesota -Nisswa” you will see my posts as we have been going there for the last four years for a week! It is indeed very beautiful there!

  3. Beautiful! So tranquil. There’s nothing like a sunset over an expanse of water. You live in such a scenic area but pretty sure I couldn’t cope with the winters there!

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  8. TBM

    That is a wonderful reward after months of bitter cold. I love sunsets and early evening hours. Usually my work day is done and I can relax with my loved ones.

    • I finally checked my spam and did find your comments! I was thinking you meant my spam on my email and never checked here. Sorry about that! Does WP know what is going on? It is kind of like my double emailed post but I think this would actually be more annoying as no one gets them. Hope they figure this out for you soon! 🙂 Nicole

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