Weekly Photo Challenge: A day in the life of thirdeyemom

Today’s Weekly Photo Challenge is rather fun. The goal is to try to capture a typical day in your life documenting it all on film. Since this month is iPhonography month, I decided to play by the rules and I snapped away shots of a typical weekday in the life of me, thirdeyemom.

Today just so happens to be Good Friday which is a holiday. Thus it is not a regular day. My husband has the day off and the kids are not at school. However, I thought to keep it in line with a typical weekday in my life, I’d capture shots of all the usual things I do.

I’ll be honest. My life is extremely routine. I’m a stay-at-home mom, blogger and advocate, all wrapped up tightly into one package. My life is usually very busy and quite honestly right now revolves around the kids and family.

My mornings start around 7 am with a wake-up call by my eight-year-old. We do cuddle time for about ten minutes and then head downstairs. This is followed by coffee (“mi gasolina”), checking emails, breakfast, my daughter wakes up, more breakfast, preparing lunch and getting the kids off to school by nine.

From 9:15-12 pm I have my “free” time sans children. I usually do a run, a shower, work on my blog and whatever other errands I have time to cram in for less than three hours is not a lot of time. As a mom, I’ve learned to be highly efficient and manage my time insanely well.

My daughter is picked up from half day Kindergarten at noon, then it is lunch and on to whatever activity she may have (swimming, gymnastics or a playdate). By 3:30 PM, I’m back again for a third time at my children’s school to pick up my son. Then it is home, do what ever I have time for, make dinner, play with kids, hang out with my husband, get kids ready for bed, glass of wine, read and bed myself by 10:30 PM.

I know, it sounds really boring. But this is my life! Of course there are lots of fun things sprinkled in between these days such as mornings spent volunteering at my children’s schools, advocacy meetings, girls nights out, lunch out with my daughter and more. Yet on a day to day basis when I’m home and its winter, this is what I do each day!

As per today’s challenge, I’m showing you a glimpse into my day to day life. Since it is a holiday, I’m cutting it off now at four o’clock but there are plenty of shots to give you a look into my life!  You can also see how much the weather changed throughout the day. I think Spring may have arrived at last!

Morning has broken…

Off to school and onwards…

The rest of the afternoon….

Alas, the end of yet another day!


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  2. Lovely post. It makes me nostalgic to see these photos of your kids doing things that kids do … Ah I remember those years when my kids would hug and kiss me if I bought them an ice cream.

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  4. I adore you and your kids!
    Enjoy this marvellous routine , and appreciate these peaceful days…. You and your family will miss every bit of them in the future !

    • Thanks so much! I agree. I can’t imagine once they are off to University! Life goes so quickly especially through raising children. 🙂

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  8. It’s lovely to get an insight into your daily life, Nicole! What a great documentary of your day!!! Doesn´t look boring at all! You’re very lucky to have two beautiful, healthy kids! 🙂

    • Oh thanks Lucy! You know how it is. Day to day life can be a grind. But I am so thankful. I love my children and husband. I feel so blessed! 🙂

      • Sometimes I envy people who have that but then I wouldn’t change my life! You ARE blessed but they are too to have you in their life! 🙂

      • Ah you are so sweet! It is funny because I wasn’t ever sure I wanted kids but now I can’t imagine life without them. 🙂 They are my pride and joy and I’m so proud of them and who they are becoming. 🙂

      • I never really wanted kids but then I never really didn’t want them either. It just didn’t happen. My life would’ve been very different if I’d had kids that’s for sure! I can imagine how proud you must feel about yours. It must be incredible being a parent! 🙂

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