Spring beckons….

I went for run around my beloved lake today and felt the first signs of a long awaited Spring. The sun was beaming down brilliantly, birds were singing in joy and the winter thaw was finally beginning to subside. All I wanted to do was yell and scream in utter, absolute joy! I love the rush of renewal and rebirth that Spring brings. After a very long winter in Minnesota, there is nothing more invigorating and refreshing than the arrival of Springtime.

In honor of today’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense, I thought I’d do a creative mix of iPhotos from my run around the lake today intermixed with photos taken last year at the onset of Spring. It is the future of Spring that was on my mind today along with many other Minnesotans. Let’s hope it hurries up!

IMG_5350_Snapseed IMG_1819 IMG_5355_Snapseed IMG_1836_Snapseed IMG_1642 IMG_5360_Snapseed IMG_5361_Snapseed IMG_1390_Snapseed IMG_5363_Snapseed IMG_5364_Snapseed IMG_5365_Snapseed IMG_5362_Snapseed IMG_1835_Snapseed IMG_5357_Snapseed IMG_1818_Snapseed IMG_1131_Snapseed IMG_5377_Snapseed IMG_1632_Snapseed IMG_5372_Snapseed IMG_1833_Snapseed IMG_5359_Snapseed IMG_5240 IMG_5369_Snapseed IMG_5366_Snapseed IMG_5373_Snapseed IMG_2332_Snapseed IMG_5379 IMG_1983 IMG_5376_Snapseed IMG_2330


  1. Sas

    Lucky you – we’ve got yet more snow here in the UK this weekend! This time last year I was preparing for the first camping trip of the season!

    • Well….it isn’t that great yet. Last year we had no ice on the lake and were wearing shorts. I think the snow is going to stay here for another few weeks unfortunately. But I had those green pics to inspire me that it WILL come!

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  3. TBM

    Very nice. A cold, windy, rainy night in London. Might snow. Yes, I wish spring would hurry up! Have a wonderful weekend.

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    • I am SOOOOO ready! 🙂 I hear the birds singing, the sun feels different and the ducks have returned. It is coming soon! WHat I love is the insane spring fever you get here. I don’t know if I’d get that same high if I didn’t have winter. It really is amazing. 🙂 Then again, I could see myself living in a place with eternal spring ….

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    • Perfect comment! I love that….yes it does make you fall in love with life all over again! I get that crazy spring fever feeling like I’m 20 again! 🙂

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