Desperately awaiting Spring

I should understand by now that the long-awaited arrival of Spring in Minnesota is a temperamental thing. Last year at this time, it was unseasonably warm and we were basking in the sun wearing shorts and t-shirts. This year, we are buried under snow and below zero wind chills. Minnesotans are getting frustrated and stir crazy. After five long months of winter, we just want to be outside listening to the birds sing and watching in awe as color and life comes back to our land.

The world continues to remain colorless. But just every so often you need to spice things up….

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Hope you enjoyed my black and white pictures from Nepal along with a splash of color from the fresh markets of Guatemala. Now let’s hope it warms up here soon!


  1. Sas

    We can’t wait for spring here in the UK either Nicole. Some parts of the nation are still under snow. I had to defrost my car AGAIN yesterday and then my windscreen wipers broke. Because everyone is having the same problems, the garage can’t get the parts for five weeks. Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggh! Thanks for the beautiful photos to cheer us up 🙂

    • Wow, five weeks! You made me laugh! I honestly don’t like grey and rainy weather much at all and would rather have it colder with snow and sunshine. It is brilliantly sunny today but all white still. Ah….I think we will all be excited when we finally get spring!!!!

    • Yes it is! The only saving grace is our spring, summer and fall here are amazing. It is perfect and we are outside all the time. So that helps….but it is a long wait!

  2. Love the mix of black and white and color – beautiful shots!
    I hope spring will come real soon! Here on the west coast of Canada it’s blooming and beautiful, but still cold. Can’t wait for the sun to warm us up 🙂

  3. Love it–and even here in Delaware the talk is broad and wide: where is the sun? We’ve had too many gray days and lots of rain. While you have white and piles of it, we have gloom and lots of wet. Regardless, the birds are flying in pairs and early flowers are appearing–hellebores and snow drops and crocuses. Maybe we should be thankful for the seasons. Your images show grand vistas–well done.

    • So true! I am really a sun person and it helps so much that the sun is shining even if it is cold. As they always say, the grass is greener on the other side! I do really love the seasons. I think last year it was so off though as our winter was very warm and it was a record high of 80 at this time last year….unheard of! So we had a really wonderful, early spring but then had a major drought by summer. SO this is more normal weather. Anyway, spring and summer here are marvelous so I’m really getting excited now…

  4. Of course I love the colors of Guatemala but I especially love your black and white shots! They’re very dramatic! Here in Thailand it’s hot, humid and sunny!

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