Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

To celebrate Phoneography month, this week’s Photo Challenge is the first ever phoneography challenge meaning all photos must be taken with your phone. I have to admit that I’ve been using my handy iPhone quite a lot for my photos. Why? It is easy, always on hand, small, accessible and actually takes some pretty amazing pictures for such a small camera.

As Cheryl states in today’s photo challenge:

To kick this off, grab your phone and head out the door. That’s right — get on your feet and go outside to explore — and document — where you live. I want to see your neighborhood: The path you take for your daily morning run. Your local coffee shop or dive bar. The nearby alley of street and community art. A shot of the intersection that perfectly captures the bustle of your own corner of town. Or a serene landscape view of your village.

It just so happens that I already did my morning run. But rest assured I usually have my iPhone in hand and often grab pictures of anything around my lovely urban neighborhood that inspire me. These photos were not taken today (sorry Cheryl) however they have all been taken this winter using my iPhone.

So, welcome to my urban playground, in the heart of Southwest Minneapolis and Lake Harriet.


My all time favorite picture taken in December after our first heavy snow.

Here is the path along Minnehaha Creek to my lovely Lake Harriet…

IMG_4899 IMG_4988 IMG_4761 IMG_4764 IMG_4894

Then there are these fun ones…..some people in my neighborhood are so incredibly creative!  Mr. Snowman (and Mrs. who isn’t showing is on the other bench).


Image 1

Image 2

To see more entries to this week’s challenge, click here.


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      • Thanks so much for letting me know Lisa! I just checked out their site and it is great. Wish I could get emails directly to my INBOX as that is the best way for me versus FB or Twitter or RSS feed. But I can watch for your entries and remember to go to their site! Maybe I’ll rework some photos for this. Thanks for inspiring me!!! 🙂

      • you’re welcome.. i follow many of the photographers who often participate, and two of them are always prompt with the new challenge each week. when their posts arrive, i have the heads up on the new theme! sometimes they congratulate me about 24 hours ahead of the formal announcement, and i wonder, ‘how in the world did they know that? the FB or Twitter or RSS must be the answer!

  4. Fun, Nicole! That first shot is such a gem.
    I thought that it was quite amusing that many of the comments on the Phoneography Challenge post said they didn’t own a phone with a camera. Made me feel slightly less archaic. Well, yes, I’m still archaic, but I’ve got plenty of company.

    • Ha Ha! I just got mine last year. I never thought I’d “need” it but now it is indispensable. I can’t imagine not having it as I use it for everything. Plus it is wonderful when I travel. 🙂

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  6. The first two are spectacular Nicole! And I love the pop of colour in the rose petal shot. These scenes look anything but urban 🙂

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  15. A beautiful range of winter photos. iPhones and similar, with their built in cameras, are changing the way we will remember now. When we look back in the future, we will have many more visual confirmations of details than we have now, looking back at our younger years, with only a small number of photos to jog our memories.

    • Thanks so much! Yes I take so many more pictures now that I have both a digital camera and iPhone. I spent a year abroad in 1993 before digital cameras and sadly I have hardly any pictures of my time and travels there because it was so expensive to develop the film and you had to carry it around! Oh well. Means I’ll have to go back again!!!

  16. You are blessed to see the magic of all the seasons and looks like Winter created its magic in the most beautiful way. The snow man sitting on the bench and the flower petals on the snow…amazing!

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