1. Hi! I enjoy your article about La Ceiba. Before I forget, somebody asked about the name of the fruit close to the avocados on one picture, the fruit is called Ciruela= cee ruh ehla. They can be green, red, even yellow, the taste goes between sour to very sweet. Some of your readers give too much attention to the utility wires, they are only the result of a growing city, in a country without enough sources for ground wiring. I am a Honduran-US citizen and lived in the city on the 80’s. By popular decree the city had been called “the girlfriend of Honduras” mainly to two reasons: the city had the largest number of structures with a US style, and its streets broad, contrary to the rest of the country. Those factors due to the fact that the city was the headquarter of the US Standard Fruit Co. that began banana exportation early as the 1,900s. You wrote that the city dont have “character”, indeed looks originally like a Southern US town, opposite to the Spanish heritage of Honduras. Beside electrical cables, the city has a strong Garifuna population, a ethnic group declared Human Treasure by the UNESCO. La Ceiba is also a tourist center for those interested in white rafting, diving, bird watching in the near by Pico Bonito NP. A colorful Carnival is celebrated every year. Is also home to the world recognized Pico Bonito Eco Lodge. Finally the popular national snack “baleada” was created in La Ceiba.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment! It is great to learn more about Honduras. I loved it there. I wished I could have visited the Garifuna population there. I did on Roatan and it was really fascinating especially seeing the homes on stilts. I would love to go back. Thanks again for the comment.

      1. Well, you very welcome! I appreciate your blog because is a great tool to tell people about other countries. As somebody living mostly of my life in the States, but born in a country like Honduras, I understand that for those who travel perhaps for first time to Central America, find “ugly” certain things. But there’s no country in the world where everything is perfect. To me, a seasoned traveler, the unique things of each country is what make traveling a life worth experience. Honduras is mostly known for its maladies, but as an expat, I enjoy been an ambassador telling people about the good things of the country. For example, Honduras is the most racially integrated country in the Hemisphere, we are indeed a melting pot of races, from Natives, to Spaniards, British, French, Jews from Spain ( since 1492) Russia, Poland, Germany, Arabs, Chinese, Africans haling from all continents. Racism is almost non existent in Honduras, a difference of Costa Rica where non Whites are seen as “inferior”, in Honduras people are bond under one identity, the “Catracho” family. We appreciate our differences and feel connected to each other, “the country of 5 stars” is more that a slogan.

      2. Thanks so much for the feedback! I think your job as an “ambassador” is wonderful. I feel like I try to do that too about the places I visit. Here are some things I loved about Honduras: The greenery, the water, the tortillas and food, and the people are very warm and kind. I wish our country was more integrated. We are a mixing pot but we have a long way to go to become more racially integrated. Thanks for the comment!

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