Reflections on being home sick


A beautiful cup of “mi gasolina” which I’m in dire need of to keep me awake!

After two back-to-back trips in a period of one week, from east to west to home again, I’ve finally caught the much deserved head cold. Back in the days before kids, I used to travel a ton for work and normally had some kind of cold every single month from November to May. Thankfully those days of a traveling saleswoman are over as well as the years when my children were little and were constantly sick.

I honestly can’t complain as I haven’t had a head cold in a couple of years now which I thank my healthier lifestyle of daily exercise, healthy diet and much more sleep. So no complaints! It is just my body telling me that I need to slow myself down a little and take it easy.

Sometimes I get myself so excited about what is going on that I find myself running full speed ahead and not looking back. This past year has definitely been one of those years, and life is only going to get much crazier next month as I head into six weeks of on and off travel. This year will most likely end up being the most travel I’ve done in years. It wasn’t planned this way but for some reason that is just how the cards seem to be falling. But I’m ready to catch the ride and see where it goes!

First I need to get some rest, drink lots of water and sit still for a few days. This is something that is almost impossible for me given my high level of energy. Yet, my body has told me that I need to slow down so I will.

In the meantime, I’ve jotted out a list of future posts I hope to write about my Honduras trip. It looks like I have at least twelve left! I still need to tell my story of why I went there, what I found and what my impressions were on this beautiful place. I’ll get there. In the meantime, I’ll be sipping lots of tea, a little bit of coffee and finishing up on several books I’ve been reading.


Stay tuned…


    • Thanks. Both the kids have it and I accidentally finished eating my daughters piece of cheese bread and the next day I got it too. Oh well. At least I can take a breather for a few days! 🙂

    • Yes my head feels like a balloon this morning! Both my kids have the cold. It has been a tough year of illnesses for them, especially my daughter who started Kindergarten and has never been so sick. Oh well. At least they will have good immune systems!

    • Thanks LuAnn! I sure hate being sick. It seems like the kids just bounce right back whereas I am grumpy and miserable. Oh well. I always think in fear what it would really be like to be very sick. It is so hard to imagine! Thus my little head cold is really peanuts compared to what some people go through. 🙂

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