Two years in the making

I was going about my business on my blog yesterday and noticed a funny little symbol on the top righthand side that looked like a trophy. Curious, I clicked on it and there it was “Happy Anniversary thirdeyemom”!

Wow, where did those two years go? What started out as a “hmmm, let’s see what blogging is all about” to a passionate pastime, 712 posts later I have hit my second anniversary of blogging!

I could go on and on about how much joy my blog and the blogging community has given me, but unfortunately I have to catch a plane in not too long! I am really looking forward to the next year. I have lots of travels planned which I can’t wait to share with you, one especially exciting trip that is all due to my blogging (but I’ll have to wait and surprise you all with the news later!). It looks like this will be my year to travel. But I can’t do it without giving back. I am so blessed to have these opportunities that I must fight for those who don’t.

Thanks as always for your continued support, friendship and readership! I don’t know if I’d still be blogging if it wasn’t for you all!

Signing off with a few of my favorites that remind me of why I’m the thirdeyemom! I’m sure you’re sick of these pictures below but they are my header, gravator and just another one I like because I’m doing what I love best: Hiking, being outside and enjoying life!

P1020137 P1020135 P1020145

I am off now to DC for the next four days for the Shot@Life Summit. I will not have much if any time for my blog so stay tuned….I will have lots of things to share when I return and am empowered to advocate even more for global health!


  1. Congrats, Nicole I’ve been blogging here for just over a year, but didn’t notice any “funny little symbol.” I must go back and check. 🙂 Love you blog…..keep it up.

    • Thanks so much! I love your blog as well! 🙂 I just happened to be on WP at the time and saw that little symbol otherwise I probably wouldn’t have noticed!

  2. Congrats on your 2nd year anniversary on blogging. I too echo your sentimental about blogging. Your Guatemala green was the post that inspired me to actively blog about my travel and share it beyond family.
    I always loved your photography and your writing. Keep up the good job.

    • Wow so cool! I didn’t know you read that post! I just checked out your blog and looks like I’ve missed a lot. I can’t wait to read your Guatemala posts and so glad you started your blog! 🙂 Nicole

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