Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

This week’s photo challenge is “home”. Living in Minnesota, land of over 10,000 lakes, provides us with a lot of beauty, four full seasons and many outdoor pursuits. It has been my home for most of my life, and I’ve learned to embrace the many seasons that we experience here in Minnesota.


Looking out onto Lake Harriet after a snowstorm.


Snowshoeing across the frozen lake just this week.


My snowshoe tracks across the fresh white snow.

One beloved winter activity in Minnesota is ice-fishing. Today, I went along with my son’s second grade class to my favorite urban lake, Lake Harriet, located only a few minutes from our house and school in Southwest Minneapolis, to try our luck at the sport. I thought it would be the perfect quirky fit for this week’s challenge as don’t the fish need a home too?

Let’s take a look at where the fish live!


The class following the creek and headed to the lake.


Out they go to the ice tent in the middle of the lake!


Digging the first hole which is about 2.5 feet deep and thick enough to support the weight of a car (yes, people in Minnesota do drive their cars across the lake in the winter!).


The kids sit patiently and listen to the gym teachers tell them how to catch a fish.


Where are you fish?


Here are two perch that were caught by the earlier class in a holding pin.


My son dropping his rod into the fish home and trying to catch tonights dinner (well, not really!).


Out of 28 kids, only one caught a fish. But the kids sure had fun learning about ice fishing and seeing where the fish live in the winter time….beneath the frozen lake!

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  1. Sas

    Ice fishing is something I’ve heard of but never seen – the ice here in the UK would never get thick enough to walk on. I have tried snowshoeing, though. I tried it when I was working in Austria – it was a lot of fun!

    • People are crazy about it here. Real diehards that go even when it is 20 below zero!!! I don’t really like it but it was fun to try and get the kids out!

  2. this is so great! i’ve been outside – working in the hot (much appreciated) sun. it’s so great to open posts that show polar opposites of the climate i’m experiencing! i love to fish but have never been ice fishing. it looks like a great sport for those who have ‘cabin fever’ and need some interaction with others!

    that is a LOT of ice! brrrrrrrrr, i think my break’s over now, and i’ll return to the outdoors and resume my work!


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  6. Great reflection of “home” in MN! After living here 20+ years I still have not gone ice-fishing — one of these days up at the cabin during a winter weekend perhaps! ~ Kat

    • Wow Kat! You still haven’t gone ice fishing?! I thought that was THE sport up north! I honestly get a little stir crazy doing it but the kids sure enjoy it. 🙂

  7. Fabulous photos, Nicole. I can’t imagine living through such cold weather every year, but I’m sure one could get used to it. How incredible to be able to drive a car over the ice. Wow!

    • Yes sometimes the cold does get to me but today it is 35 degrees, sunny and the snow is sparkling like brilliant diamonds. I love running outside in this weather! It is almost balmy!

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