We all strive for simplicity in our lives. Sometimes it is hard to let go and relax, enjoying the simplest pleasures in life. The beautiful world around us.

Being in a developing country where people don’t have as many luxuries as we do, it never fails to amaze me how simplicity seems to bring much more happiness to the soul. We have so much in our country- safe water, hot water, more than enough food to eat, a nice roof over our heads. Yet many people still seem to complain and not be happy thinking only that greed and money will solve the problem.

I like to focus on the simplicity in the world. The beauty that surrounds us every day at our homes, within our family, and outside in nature.

Here is a collection of the simplicity I found in Honduras. Thanks Jakesprinter for inspiring this post!











Keeping with the simplicity theme, all photos were taken with my iPhone, processed on Instagram and the post was written directly on my iPhone WordPress app! Wow amazing how technology has changed the world.


  1. Sas

    When I was working seasons, visitors would often comment on how little I had but how happy I seemed. In all honesty, I didn’t ned that much. I’ve acquired a lot more since moving back to the UK, but I could quite easily walk away from it tomorrow and go back to that more simplistic way of live. My most treasured possesions are my memories.

    • So true! I think that is why I love traveling off the beaten path so much. It is much simpler and you enjoy the little things in life like a hot shower after nine days of icy cold ones!

  2. I love living the simple life. I feel we are living a much richer life now than before we began this new RV lifestyle. Great post Nicole. 🙂

  3. LOL, I thought this was going to be your word to guide you through the year, since I am still trying to figure out mine! I know what you mean about the level of happiness not correlating with the level of wealth in these areas. A lesson to be learned for sure!

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